Horizon Chase’s China Sprint DLC adds new tracks and electric car

Horizon Chase’s China Sprint DLC adds new tracks and electric car

A brand-new downloadable content pack for mobile racing game Horizon Chase is now available – and it features a new electric vehicle.

Not to be confused by the PC and games console Horizon Chase Turbo variant, Horizon Chase is the mobile game that originally spawned the franchise. The new China Sprint DLC includes the silent, but rapid, Lightning – an electric, futuristic, saloon car. There will be four unlockable skins for the vehicle too.

Also featuring are nine brand new tracks, all set in China. One of Horizon Chase’s stand-out features is its unique design theme, and once again, these environments seem to be created with the same inimitable style.

The track variants are spread across Chengdu, Beijing, Hong Kong and the Great Wall of China.

As per usual, you will be racing past rival cars, boosting and collecting coins – all in a retro-enthused manner.

Horizon Chase China Sprint Lightning electric car gameplay

The China Sprint DLC pack is available as of today (24th January) for iOS and Android mobile devices for $1.99/€1.99 and sits alongside other optional additions such as the Senna Forever expansion and WALKER-X pack.

The entire game and previous expansions are also launching today for the Huawei AppGallery store, so those with HarmonyOS mobile devices can also get in on the China Sprint action.

There’s no word yet on if this, or something similar, will be released for Horizon Chase Turbo.

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