Horizon Chase

Street racing-themed DLC lands for Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase WALKER-X DLC

Popular mobile game Horizon Chase now has a new set of DLC available. The WALKER-X pack is available right now and adds a new car and eight revised tracks.

The new car reminds us of a modified second-generation Mitsubishi Eclipse, but of course, is more of a ‘homage’ to that vehicle. This combined with the eight remixed venues and four unlockable skins are available for just $0.99/€0.99 from the in-game store.

Horizon Chase is available for iOS and Android mobile devices as a retro-themed arcade-style racer inspired by the great hits of the 80s and 90s. A ‘full-fat’ version called Horizon Chase Turbo is also available on PS4, PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) and Xbox One, where the WALKER-X vehicle was originally available.

Let us know in the comments if you’ll be picking up this add-on pack for use on the go.

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