Adventures is a new skin-collecting game mode for Horizon Chase Turbo

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The retro arcade racer, Horizon Chase Turbo, has received a free new game mode that allows you to collect new car skins.
Adventures is a new skin-collecting game mode for Horizon Chase Turbo

As part of developer Aquiris Game Studio’s seven years of Horizon Chase celebrations, the console and PC Turbo variant has received a new game mode – Adventures.

Available via a free update released today, 11th August, Adventures is unlocked once you have progressed to Chile in the main and existing World Tour campaign.

Each time you unlock a new car there, a new set of five adventure races will unlock. Win each of these and you unlock a new vehicle skin. Of course, if you’ve already finished the World Tour, the next time you play the game, the new Adventures mode and challenges will be there for you to play through.

Horizon Chase Turbo Adventures

There are 34 sets of five events, and therefore 34 car skins, to unlock, which the development team claims equate to eight hours of additional gameplay.

Think of it as a complementary dessert, courtesy of the chef, provided you’ve already played through the superlative Senna Forever DLC first.

Horizon Chase Turbo Adventures skin unlocked

Horizon Chase is a mobile game for iOS, Android and Huawei that was released back in 2015. This was followed by a console and PC version in 2018 called Horizon Chase Turbo. Today’s update is for that game, on PC (Steam and Epic), Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

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