Gran Turismo 7’s update fixes Sport Mode ‘pauses’

Thomas Harrison-Lord
At last, mercifully entering a Sport Mode ranked race within Gran Turismo 7 has returned to being a speedy process.
Gran Turismo 7's update fixes Sport Mode 'pauses'

Following over a week of moments where Gran Turismo 7 would ‘pause’ or ‘hang’ on the pre-race loading screen for ranked online races, game update 1.39 has remedied the issue.

Prior to this update, as reported, once you’d completed your qualifying entry, matchmaking was completed, lobby opened and practice finished, you’d sporadically be greeted by the track image interstitial and then just sit there for upwards of 20 minutes.

If you did stick it out, the chances are it would be you and only a handful left in the race. For charlatans like me, that meant an easy win, but it was far from ideal.

Gran Turismo 7 Sport Mode Daily Races, endless loading

Thankfully, this is now no longer the case, with the latest PS4 and PS5 update fixing the issue.

“Fixed an issue wherein players would encounter an application error or would be stuck on the loading screen between matchmaking and qualifying/races in Daily Races and Championship races,” reads the only change in the update log.

That’s it, 1,39 only implements one fix, but it’s a crucial one. We now await an update with hopefully further content towards the end of this month.

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