Gran Turismo 7 Version 1.06 update expands Music Replay, fixes Licence errors

Thomas Harrison-Lord
It’s not the online multiplayer revolution we were hoping for, but the latest Gran Turismo 7 update includes several essential improvements.
Gran Turismo 7 update expands Music Replay, fixes Licence and progression errors

It’s here, the first post-release update patch for Gran Turismo 7. It adds new Music Replay jams, fixes the ‘Rain Royalty’ Trophy and quashes several smaller bugs.

As we reported yesterday (9th March 2022) there was a period of server maintenance, which has resulted in a new patch. Live right now, ‘Version 1.060.000’ weighs in at 916 MB on PlayStation 5, while ‘Version 1.06’ is 1.046 GB on PlayStation 4.

Music replay expansion

In Gran Turismo 7, if you select ‘Music Replay’ instead of the standard ‘Replay’ you are treated by a camera angle that changed to the beat.

It’s fun if a little superfluous and sometimes the exciting shots showcase a wall or an empty track. This feature has now been expanded with Version 1.06, with a gargantuan 64 new music tracks added to the algorithm so we can sit back and watch the stylish action accompanied by some pumping tunes.

This is not to be confused with ‘Music Rally’ – there are still six of those events sot play through and the menu still states that more will be ‘coming soon’.

It’s all about the Bugatti, Bugatti hmm, Ducati, Ducati – apparently.

Licence test and Circuit Experience fixes

Since launch, precisely 0.0 per cent of players have been able to achieve the Rain Royalty Trophy. Turns out, this was a glitch.

Now, thanks to the Gran Turismo 7 Version 1.06 update, simply completing all of the Licence tests that feature wet weather, across the five categories, to Bronze or above will now unlock this Trophy.

This means, while no mean feat, the Platinum Trophy is in theory obtainable.

One of the most challenging Licence tests is ‘Super Licence S-7 One Lap Time Attack’, where you must set a quick lap of WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in the Dallara SF19 Super Formula / Honda ’19. During the review period, the ‘Overtake’ boost car function wasn’t available, then when the game was released, you could use the boost to set a quick time.

Gran Turismo 7 rain, wet weather, Version 1.06

Now, that feature has been removed from the test once more, and as a result all leaderboard times have been reset. If you already have the Gold result, you’ll keep it, but you’ll go to sleep at night knowing that you did it the easy way…

There was also an error when completing the Circuit Experience Sector 2 for Streets of Willow Springs venue, where the Bronze target time didn’t trigger. This has also now been rectified.

You can now check the wind speed

Following on from the addition of a weather radar for the on-screen HUD in Gran Turismo 7 – which is only really useful in long custom races with changeable weather – you can now also check wind direction and speed.

Gran Turismo 7 wind speed and direction indicator
Gran Turismo 7 wind speed and direction indicator

A much-requested feature, you can view this information just below the Track Map. An arrow shows the direction, and the number highlights the speed.

Progression and online lobby fixes

While none of the Traxion.GG team have experienced any issues progressing through the Café menu books, some players have reported issues. Game developer Polyphony Digital categories this as ‘very rare’, but where progress was previously not recognised, it should now be amended.

The strange error when dealerships within Brand Central displayed an Invitation when you didn’t have, or need, one has been vanquished.

Gran Turismo 7 Brand Central Invitation, game update

One thing we did encounter, however, is the driving assist settings having a mind of their own when joining online lobbies. Sometimes, the full gamut of Active Stability Management, Countersteering Assistance and Braking Area display would all switch-on of their own accord. This has now been rectified, thankfully.

Sadly, you still cannot change online lobby settings once one is open, remaining restrictive in its current format. A third Sport Mode Daily Race will be added on Monday 14th March and for now, Race A and Race B remain in their current formats.

Gran Turismo 7 Mazda RX-7, Version 1.06

There is also one brief note about fixing “an issue with the weather for all race events” and “various other issues have been addressed” – both of which are typically unspecific, so let us know in the comments below if you’ve spotted further changes.

The full patch changelog is listed below and we’ll be back with more guides, tips and tricks and update news for Gran Turismo 7 very soon.

Gran Turismo 7 Version 1.060.000 PS4 and PS5 update changelog

Main Features Implemented

1. Race Display
 - Added wind direction and wind speed indicators. An arrow (wind direction) and number (wind speed) will be displayed on the upper right of the screen under the Track Map.

2. Music Replay
 - Added 64 music tracks.

Other Improvements and Adjustments

    1. Progression blocks and application errors
 - Fixed a very rare issue wherein progress made on a Menu Book would not be recognised and prevented players to continue their playthrough;
 - Fixed an issue wherein an application error would occur when using the broadcast features of the PlayStation®4 system;
 - Fixed an issue wherein an application error would occur when ‘Shoot’ is selected in ‘Race Photo’ during a replay displayed in 4K on the PlayStation®4 Pro system and with the aspect ratio set to 16:9;
 - Fixed an issue wherein an application error would occur when ‘License Plate’ is selected in ‘GT Auto’ under [Car Customisation] > [Other], while progressing Menu Book No. 20, ‘Show Your Custom Wing.’

2. World Circuits
 - Fixed an issue wherein the actual time of day in a ‘Custom Race’ of some tracks would not match the selection made in [Time / Weather Settings] > [Timeframe];
 - Fixed an issue with the Sector 2’s Bronze target time in the ‘Circuit Experience’ of the ‘Willow Springs Raceway: Streets of Willow Springs’ track that made the Bronze prize unachievable;
 - Fixed an issue wherein it was possible to choose cars without dirt tyres installed from the [Settings] > [Change Car] of the Quick Menu during a ‘Time Trial’ and ‘Drift Trial’ on Dirt tracks;
 - Fixed an issue with the weather for all race events;
 - The Overtake function for the Dallara SF19 Super Formula / Honda ’19 has been disabled in the Licence test ‘S-7’ (One Lap Time Attack) within the ‘Licence’ pavilion. (The ranking boards have been reset.)

3. GT Auto
 - Fixed an issue wherein the racing suit would not be displayed in ‘Driving Gear’ under certain conditions;
 - Deleted the ‘Duplicate on Opposite Side’ and ‘Duplicate Symmetrically’ menu items from the ‘Layer Controls’ of the left and right arms while editing Racing Suit Livery;
 - Fixed an issue wherein work results would not be applied in ‘Car Maintenance & Service’ if the work is selected by moving the cursor with the Left stick.

4. Car Settings
 - Fixed an issue wherein the Setting Sheet would become blank, and the setting content could not be saved. With this fix, the blank setting sheets will remain but you will be able to delete these normally. This will also fix the progression blockers encountered when the Menu Book tasks involved Car Settings;
 - Fixed an issue wherein a car would return to its original wheels if the Setting Sheet was modified while a non-standard wheel was equipped;
 - Fixed an issue wherein the ‘Top Speed (Automatically Adjusted)’ would not adjust properly when a Fully Customisable transmission was installed;
 - Fixed an issue wherein the speeds displayed under Rotational G’s were incorrect;
 - Fixed an issue wherein adding a new Setting Sheet for a car where the engine was swapped would not carry that information over the new sheets. The engine swap will now be applied to all Setting Sheets.

5. Showcase & My Page
 - Fixed an issue within ‘Showcase’ wherein the 2nd page and beyond would not be displayed properly if the number of items in ‘My Items’ and ‘Collection’ exceeded 100;
 - Fixed an issue within ‘Gallery’ wherein the 2nd page and beyond would not be displayed properly if the number of items in ‘My Page’ exceeded 100 items.

6. Brand Central
 - Fixed an issue wherein an Invitation icon would appear in the ‘Showroom’ of manufacturers even when the player did not have an invitation.

7. Replay
 - Fixed an issue wherein the Replays and Demo Replays would not play all the way until the end.

8. Multiplayer
 - Fixed an issue wherein the ‘Assist Settings’ would reset after joining a location and quitting without entering a race;
 - Fixed an issue wherein the weather and time set by the host would not reflect correctly for the other players in the room.

9. Options
 - Changed the ‘Flash and Toggle High/Low Beams’ function assigned to the default button of the DUALSHOCK®4 and DualSense™ wireless controllers to ‘Flash High Beams’. If the button had been remapped previously, selecting the ‘Restore Default Settings’ will apply the change;
 - Fixed an issue wherein the BGM would not play during Music Replay if the [Sound Volume] > [Menu BGM] volume level was set to 0;
 - Fixed an issue wherein the changes to the exposure value in the ‘Exposure and Saturation’ settings made when starting the game for the first time would not be reflected in the preview screen.

10. Steering Controller
 - Fixed an issue wherein the Thrustmaster TH8A shifter would not operate properly when connected to the USB. Please note that the PlayStation®5 console is not compatible with this USB connection. The shifter can be used by connecting it directly to the steering wheel base using a ‘DIN-to-DIN’ cable.

11. Others
 - Fixed an issue wherein clearing all licence tests on wet surfaces would not award the Bronze trophy ‘Rain Royalty.’ Players who have already cleared the relevant tests can acquire the trophy by clearing the tests again;
 - The Race Demo displayed during Auto Demos has been changed to a Music Replay;
 - Various other issues have been addressed.

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