Gran Turismo 7’s Sport Mode races will be updated ‘irregularly’

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The Sport Mode online ranked Daily Races will return for Gran Turismo 7, but the schedule of event changes is still to be confirmed.
Gran Turismo 7's Sport Mode races will be updated 'irregularly'

A carry-over from GT Sport, the Sport Mode within Gran Turismo 7 allows you to enter a playlist of online races against similarly skilled rivals. In GT Sport these changed once a week, every Monday, but in the latest game, that looks to have changed – at least initially.

Daily Races within Gran Turismo 7 will start on its launch day, Friday 4th March 2022. There will be two to choose from, Race A and Race B. As it stands today (3rd March), Race A is at High Speed Ring in any car you won with less than 147 bhp, while Race B is at Deep Forest Raceway for any car with less than 295 bhp.

In GT Sport there was also a Race C, and for GT7 players that will arrive on Monday 14th March 2022.

Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races, Race A and Race B

During the review period, we were able to compete in Race A, Race B and Race C. With Race C arriving later for the retail version, it raises the question of when the race types will change.

In GT Sport at launch, all three races changed on a daily basis. So new car and track combinations would appear often, but develop Polyphony Digital eventual slowed this down to once a week. At Traxion.GG, we would then publish a weekly article every Monday morning with the playlist ahead.

Gran Turismo 7, Mitsubishi GTO

The Gran Turismo website now states that for Gran Turismo 7, “Daily Races will be updated at irregular intervals.”

As it stands then, we do not know if this means daily, weekly or notion a schedule – a notable shift in strategy.

Gran Turismo World Series returns

The popular in-game esports series, ‘Gran Turismo World Series’, will be returning to Gran Turismo 7. Details are scarce at present, but to make sure the system is functioning correctly, a ‘Test Season’ will begin on Monday 21st March 2022.

Gallo becomes first Italian FIA Gran Turismo Nations Cup champion

Assuming this goes to plan, the main championship will follow – currently consisting of an FIA Nations Cup and FIA Manufacturer Series in GT Sport – with formal details “announced at a later date.”

It has also been confirmed that Time Trials and changes to the penalty system will be implemented within Sport Mode at a later date.

When Gran Turismo 7 launches, we’ll see you online in the Sport Mode sessions, let us know in the comments below if you’ll also be in there.

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