Gran Turismo 7 update adds ability to purchase engine swaps and special parts

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Often a feature that causes much confusion and derision, adding a different engine or purchasing a ‘rare’ car part within Gran Turismo 7 is set to become a lot more straightforward.
Gran Turismo 7 update adds ability to purchase engine swaps and special parts

Those who own a car that has an engine-swap function available will soon be able to visit GT Auto within the game and buy a new unit.

Only available to those who reach collector level 50, the option will be within the Maintenance section of the servicing centre. In the example depicted, it costs 127,500 credits to insert a 2020-specification engine inside a 1998 Honda Civic Type R.

Gran Turismo 7 GT Auto buying an engine swap

Previously, engines could only be obtained via the roulette ticket system – one ticket per day is unlocked by completing 26.219 miles or additional tickets are earned by completing certain challenges such as Extra Café Menus. Our guide to how it worked before May’s update is below.

Presumably, engines can still be won in the same way within Gran Turismo 7 to save the GT Auto cost and if you’re below level 50. We’ll find out more when the update lands on 25th May 2023.

It’s not the only game mechanic receiving an overall either, with special parts now available for purchase within the Tuning Shop, thanks to a new ‘Ultimate’ tab. We’re sure Rupert will be pleased…

Like engine swaps, these ‘S Parts’ were previously only obtainable via roulette tickets and only apply to certain vehicles. Examples include Ultra-High-RPM Turbochargers, Stage 5 weight reduction or Carbon Propeller Shafts.

Gran Turismo 7 purchasing special parts

Both special parts and unlocked engines were stored within your garage, and we’ve linked to our previous guide to this process below.

What remains to be seen is if you’ll be able to sell these parts after tomorrow’s update. At present, within your garage, they do have a recommended value, but there’s no way of earning that sum.

What else is new? Well, rather smugly, our prediction about the three new cars was correct, with the exact specifications and years confirmed below:

  • Nissan GT-R NISMO (R32) ’90
  • Greening Auto Company Maverick
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce ’67

Two further Extra Café Menus will be added, one for SEMA award winners and another for Group A homologation specials. Oh, and The National Stadium (Tokyo) and the Lake District will be added to the Scapes photography mode.

We’ll be back in the morning with the prizes on offer for completing these, the car prices and any further quality-of-life changes.

Gran Turismo 7 May Update 1.34 release date

25th May 2023.

Images: Gran Turismo

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