How to swap engines in Gran Turismo 7

Here’s how to swap a car’s engine within Gran Turismo 7, and also how to procure engines and where they are stored.
How to swap engines in Gran Turismo 7

What is an engine swap in Gran Turismo 7?

An engine swap within Gran Turismo 7 is where you place a different, and usually more powerful engine, into a car that you own.

Often this is a frankly ridiculous upgrade such as putting a Nissan GT-R engine into a Lancia Delta which when fully upgraded will mean you have a stonking 900bhp+ in your classic Italian legend. This is the ultimate way to make a “sleeper” car that has way more power than sense.

Unfortunately, developers Polyphony Digital has not made it easy or intuitive to switch engines and it does feel a bit underdeveloped as a feature. It could be made a lot better with some tweaks or streamlining but, in the meantime, we have you covered on how this works in game.

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How to earn engines

The only way at present to acquire engines in Gran Turismo 7 is through roulette tickets.

Gran Turismo 7 Engine Ticket Roulette

These can be won by doing the daily workout where you drive 26.219 miles, and you are rewarded with a random ticket that can be up to six stars in value. The higher the stars, the better the prize. However, the prize can be cars, parts, money or engines and is random, so it may take several days of playing before you ever receive an engine.

Gran Turismo 7 Reward Engine

You can also find tickets completing some of the Café Menu Books as many of these provided engine-only tickets. Sadly, this does mean that you cannot choose which engine you get, and again, it is down to random chance.

Gran Turismo 7 Cafe Extra Menu Engine Ticket Roulette

Below are the Extra Café Menus where, upon completion, you will definitely receive an engine prize ticket:

  • Extra Menu No.3 – Collection: Rotary Engine
  • Extra Menu No.9 – Midship Porsche
  • Extra Menu No.10 – Collection: Honda NSX
  • Extra Menu No.13 – Nissan Skyline GT-R 
  • Extra Menu No.14 – Straight-Six BMWs
  • Extra Menu No.15 – Bugatti

I would love to see Polyphony change this and allow us to purchase engines directly from the Tuning Shop or make it easier in some other way.

Chances are that you already have a few of these engines in your collection and you may not even realize it.

Where are engines stored?

The engines that you earn through Roulette Tickets are stored inside your Gran Turismo 7 Garage and can be found in the Tuning Parts section.

Gran Turismo 7 Tuning Parts Menu, within Garage

Here you will find all the engines that you own plus any extra tuning parts you may have also won. You can see how many of each engine you have as well.

Gran Turismo 7 Tuning Parts Menu Collection

Strangely the engines do have a recommended retail value but at present, there is no way to sell them. Maybe this is something that will come in a future update, like when being able to sell cars was added in November 2022.

Can you reverse an engine swap in Gran Turismo 7?

No, you cannot. Before doing an engine swap in Gran Turismo 7, it’s important to know that the change is permanent and cannot be reversed. You will also lose any upgrades you have already bought for the old engine as any upgrades must be purchased for the specific engine that is installed in the car.

This means that it is often a good idea to have two identical cars before performing a swap so you can keep one stock to keep it within certain PP values or to compare. That is up to you as some of the cars are quite expensive, but I would recommend it for the cheaper cars at least.

How do you swap an engine in Gran Turismo 7?

To switch out an engine in Gran Turismo 7, you need to have the car selected that you would like to work on and then go into the Tuning Parts area of your Garage. If you have a valid engine for that car, then it will say ‘Compatible’ next to it.

Then, simply hit ‘install’. Your car will now have a different engine.

Gran Turismo 7 Engine Install

This would be very annoying to have to go in and out of the Garage, checking which cars have compatible engines or not, but luckily some people have already collated this information and shared it in various GT7 forums.

Rather than copy that information, here’s every engine and car combination thanks to the GTPlanet community.

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