Gran Turismo 7 tops UK sales charts at launch

Shocker as Gran Turismo 7 sells well at launch

Gran Turismo 7 has debuted at number one in the UK physical game sales charts, to no great surprise. But, we’re always happy to see a racing game up there!

In a game series that has sold well over 80 million units, and when even the much maligned spin-off GT Sport can achieve over 14 million players, it’s no surprise that Gran Turismo 7 has topped the United Kingdom physical game charts.

During the week ending the 5th March, one day after the game’s launch, Gran Turismo 7 topped the GfK Entertainment Software Charts, which measures UK physical copy sales, ahead of last week’s champion Elden Ring.

To be clear, this excludes digital sales and represents just one market.

Gran Turismo 7 - the name still sells

My pithy comments aside, it’s worth noting that something like Elden Ring is across both Xbox and PlayStation, whereas GT7 most definitely isn’t so in that respect, it’s no mean feat.

Hats off to Sony and Polyphony Digital for creating not only a great driving game, but also seemingly a popular one. We shall be looking at the March NPD figures for the US in early April to see how it’s performed over a longer period.

GRID Legends still in the top-30 UK physical sales charts in its second week.

Other racing games of note within the UK sales charts were Mario Kart 8 Deluxe still clocking in consistent sales at number six, GRID Legends at 30 – after entering at 18 last week – and F1 2021 in 33rd.

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