GT Sport exceeds 14 million players

Thomas Harrison-Lord
GT Sport exceeds 14 million players

As we gear up for Gran Turismo 7, the existing GT Sport is still trucking along and has surpassed a new player milestone – 14 million.

This has increased from 9.5 million, the last reported number from February 2021.

Back then, the number came from an interview with game producer Kazunori Yamauchi by car lifestyle publication, Octane.

This time around, the newly updated statistic is via Erica Kato Marcus, Senior Director at Sony Interactive Entertainment who is speaking during the Gran Turismo Sophy announcement presentation

In reference to the racing challenges the new artificial intelligence, developed in partnership with Sony AI, SIE and Polyphony Digital, she stated:

“One of the drivers that participated in the race with us, Takuma Miyazono, he is the top driver out of the 14 million GT Sport drivers in the world.”

Lamborghini Countach, GT Sport

This is a particularly impressive number for several reasons. Firstly, GT Sport could be regarded as an offshoot from the main Gran Turismo series, and certainly at launch for PlayStation 4 in 2017, was light on single-player content.

Secondly, while heavily discounted at various times through its nearly four-and-a-half year shelf life, it has never been given away through PlayStation Plus and is not available on the PlayStation Now subscription service.

There’s life in the old dog online-focussed Gran Turismo spin-off yet…

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