GeneRally 2 update adds backwards-compatible track imports

Ross McGregor
GeneRally 2’s July update adds a host of new features to the game, including the ability to import hundreds of tracks from GeneRally.
GeneRally 2

Top-down arcade racer GeneRally 2 has just received its first major update since entering Steam Early Access, with Curious Chicken Games adding a host of new features to the game. 

As we described in our preview of the game’s July update, it’s now possible for players to import tracks from the game’s predecessor – GeneRally. This means hundreds of high-quality tracks can be seamlessly transferred to the newer title, with an automatic graphical touch-up enabling prettier courses. 

A new “Object Variation” system has also been implemented, allowing players to change the colour of certain trackside objects in GeneRally 2’s track editor. This arrives alongside new objects, such as a ramp, hay bales and a gate. 

GeneRally 2 July update

The team has also added a much-requested “follow camera” to the game, designed to help players with vision problems see the action more clearly. It’s also a handy feature on larger tracks where the action zooms out more than normal, making it tricky to see what’s going on. 

A fix has also been actioned preventing odd car behaviour after jumps – which we picked up on in our Early Access review. This should provide more predictable car behaviour during elevation changes. 

For the full gamut of updates to GeneRally 2, check out the changelog below. 

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GeneRally 2

GeneRally 2 July update changelog

Gameplay & Performance 

  • Added support for loading GeneRally 1 tracks directly in-game, for play with 1-6 players (please note, tracks imported from GR1 will vary in quality, depending on a variety of factors). 
  • Adjusted the friction of soft walls to make them more friendly. 
  • Improved how the AI navigate to pit boxes. 
  • Updated all default tracks to make use of the new objects and camera settings. 
  • Implemented a zoomed “follow camera”, with customisable distance, to assist users with vision problems. 
  • Improved the steering behaviour of the Formula. 
  • FIXED: Cars should no longer bounce weirdly when landing. 

User Interface 

  • Reworked the visual appearance of the in-game UI – offering two themes (“Light” and “Dark”, selectable in the Options menu). 
  • Added a “finished” flag to each driver that has crossed the line for the final time. 
  • Added last lap, and fastest lap to each driver block. 
  • Driver blocks now only show for players, not AI. 
  • Improved the performance of the in-race UI in general. 
  • When adding a driver to a race, it will use the same car type as the previous driver in the list. 
  • Added localisation support, initially supporting: English, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish. 
  • FIXED: Lapped cars crossing the finish line at the end of the race no longer have an incorrect position. 

Track Editor 

  • Added support for importing GeneRally 1 tracks into the Editor. 
  • Added a new “object variant” system, which allows for objects to have various, selectable appearances. 
  • Reworked the object selection menu to be more compact and easy-to-navigate. 
  • Updated the model for the Gate (and renamed it to Gantry). 
  • Updated the model for the House (base colour adjustment). 
  • Updated the models for the Flat Bridge and Humped Bridge. 
  • Added a new object, “Gate”. 
  • Added a new object, “Ramp”. 
  • Added a new object, “Hay Bale (Round)” in two orientations. 
  • Added variants for the following objects: all office blocks; sunk tyre; pedestrian bridge; road cone; soft wall; traffic sign; house; flat bridge; humped bridge; hay bale (round). 
  • Added a new track property: “camera height”. 
  • FIXED: The person object no longer has a large selection radius that makes it difficult to select nearby objects. 

Known Issues 

  • The main menu sometimes experiences distortions or other rendering issues – changing resolution, or restarting the game may rectify the issue. 
  • Shadows may flicker on certain systems when using the follow camera mode. This will be rectified in a future patch. 
  • Some text in some places may not be localised. 
  • Occasionally, when in Windowed mode, changing the language multiple times in quick succession can shrink the game window. 
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