Import hundreds of GeneRally tracks with GeneRally 2’s July update

Ross McGregor
GeneRally 2’s July update is set to enable the transfer of tracks from early noughties racing hit GeneRally, according to developer Curious Chicken Games.
GeneRally 2

GeneRally 2 is the sequel to racing sensation GeneRally, which set the bar for top-down arcade racing games in the early noughties.

One of its key features was a powerful track editor, whose ease of use gave players the power to create elaborate and fun layouts that could be shared with friends and competitors worldwide.

Thanks to tiny file sizes, players could end up with hundreds of tracks in GeneRally, with some retaining legendary status among the game’s player base.

GeneRally 2 July update
The appearance of trackside objects can be edited in GeneRally 2’s July update

Happily, developer Curious Chicken Games has announced that as of GeneRally 2’s July update players can import all their favourite tracks from the original title, with no extra tools required.

The game entered Steam Early Access on the 30th of May, with our initial tests concluding it to be a challenging but rewarding racing game with enjoyable physics.

GeneRally 2 July update
Tracks that have been imported directly from GeneRally 1 to GeneRally 2

The studio also aims to implement an “Object Variation” system, enabling users to change the colours of certain trackside objects like tyre barriers, buildings and cones, with AI pitlane logic also set to be improved.

More localisation and bug fixes are incoming too, with the game’s progress in Steam Early Access continuing apace.

Curious Chicken Games has also intimated that players should not expect any new vehicles or official tracks in the July update while work continues to improve the game’s physics and AI stability.

GeneRally 2 July update
The game’s UI is also set for a refresh

GeneRally 2’s July update is set for release in the first or second week of July, with the game currently available on Steam for 14,99 EUR / 14.99 USD / 12.99 GBP.

Are you looking forward to trying out classic GeneRally tracks in GeneRally 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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