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If you own SRX: The Game and you’re like me, wondering why it’s like 85 percent dirt racing when the real schedule consists of only two dirt races, well I have some good news.

On Friday afternoon, the SRX: The Game Twitter account announced the future release of some free DLC. In it, there will be a new racecar to drive. On top of that, six new asphalt tracks will also join the roster of venues, although they will all be fictional.

The SRX account also promoted a video from YouTuber Jeff Favignano that shows off the future content. The new car is an asphalt edition of a Super Late Model. It can race at any of the 10 asphalt tracks that will be in the game when it’s released.

Those new fictional tracks included in the DLC are:

  • Chestnut County (1/2 mile, high banked, located in Tennessee)
  • Desert View (3/8 mile, mid banked, located in New Mexico)
  • Eastern Hills (1/4 mile, mid banked, located in Virginia)
  • Honeysuckle Grove (1/3 mile, mid banked, located in Wisconsin)
  • Mountain Shadows (1/3 mile, low banked, located in Idaho)
  • Walnut Creek (1/2 mile, low banked, located in Michigan)
If I had to guess, this would be the fictional New Mexico track.

Chestnut County might be a play on Bristol Motor Speedway. Desert View somewhat reminds me of a smaller Phoenix Raceway. Eastern Hills could be a fictional render of Richmond Raceway if it didn’t have a tri-oval. The other three look completely made up, the latter two having tri-ovals on tracks less than a mile. Maybe Iowa Speedway was an inspiration for the last one.

SRX: The Game will also be updating the paint schemes to match the real product, as this game did release before that started. A date for release hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s free, it looks complete per the screenshots and the YouTube video, and I’m looking forward to it.

I think the only color combo that’s still correct from the game’s launch is Tony Stewart and orange.

Besides the six new tracks, the Super Late Models will also run on Slinger Speedway, Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway, Stafford Motor Speedway and Lucas Oil Raceway. That makes a total of about six real tracks and a billion made up ones when the DLC officially goes live.

I get that licensing real tracks requires a little more than just putting them in the game. I understand that fictional tracks are a lot easier to bring to the table. I would just like to see what it would be like if there was a SRX car on the high banks of Daytona Int’l Speedway. Maybe just any track over a half mile… can Monster Games fictionalize a SRX Superspeedway?

Anyway, when the SRX DLC hits the airways, we’ll let you know. Let us know what you think about all the latest news in the comments down below.

Images via SRX: The Game on Twitter

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