Forza Motorsport will include multiplayer Forza Race Regulations (FRR) and Driver Ratings

Justin Melillo
Driver Ratings, with Safety Ranks and Skill values are on the way for Forza Motorsport this October, called Forza Race Regulations.

A new ranked element is due to be included in Forza Motorsport when the title by Turn 10 Studios releases in October of 2023. Featured Multiplayer Matchmaking events will be sorted by the new system, which is being called Forza Race Regulations, or FRR for short.

These regulations will include a Driver Rating, which includes a Safety Rating score and a Skill Rating number. That all combines to give players a numerical Driver Level.

Forza Motorsport Creative Director Chris Esaki sat down on Forza Monthly on Friday (11th August) to explain the new system and how it will change multiplayer modes in Motorsport for the better.

Stay Safe, drivers

A welcomed sight to Forza Motorsport is a Driver Safety Rating score. Similarly to most other online multiplayer racing titles, how a player drivers will affect how a player is ranked in terms of their safety. Those who engage in Track Cutting or Intentional Collisions will find themselves more lowly ranked than those who keep it on track.

The safest drivers score at the ‘S’ rank and those who disregard everything will be ranked at ‘F’, with letter grades ‘A’ through ‘E’ also listed. Esaki spoke broadly on the subject, but did note that the system will evolve as time goes on with new types of incidents added into the programming. Esaki notes that “players will receive penalties and race disqualifications based on the severity of incidents.”

Because of the new system for detecting these safety measures, specifically the course cutting and track limits addition, that means that courses will have more of a realistic setting. Those unrealistic tire walls and barriers have been removed and more realistic track limits are put into place for a more authentic experience.

There will be a Qualifier Series for those just starting out to get accustomed to the new rules and regulations. Think Gran Turismo 7’s Sport Mode or iRacing’s iRating and Safety Rating systems. FRR is set to reign in the driving standards to their new Multiplayer platform.

The Multiplayer aspect itself will have ranked sections, namely Spec Events and Open Events, as well as Private Multiplayer options for custom racing. The Spec and Open races will affect a player’s ratings, and while Private racing can be limited by a player’s ratings, the outcomes won’t affect those numbers.

More details about FRR and Multiplayer racing in general can be found over on the Forza website.


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