Grand Oak Raceway officially unveiled for Forza Motorsport

Justin Melillo
The latest Forza Motorsport track reveal is a fast flowing, technical savvy road course in the form of the fictional Grand Oak Raceway.

The 15th confirmed venue for the upcoming Turn 10 Studios title, Forza Motorsport, is another fantasy circuit that is named Grand Oak Raceway.

Forza Motorsport Creative Director Chris Esaki sat down on Forza Monthly on Friday (11th August) and this track was the first reveal of the day, showcasing a 30-second clip with a Formula Mazda taking on the wide, flowing course in wet weather conditions.

From the track map, it looks like there are about eight turns and some elevation changes to deal with, with some very fast sectors as well as some technical corners. “they kind of remind me of VIR (VIRginia International Raceway),” said Esaki when explaining the course.

“Players will find that this track has been designed to teach you about carrying speed through corners,” Esaki continued.

Another 30 some-odd cars were also announced, as the social accounts have been announcing all through the week. With this track announcement, that makes 15 tracks official to date with five more still to be confirmed before the title goes on sale in October.

Forza Motorsport releases on Xbox Series X|S and PC on 10th October.

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