Fanatec announces Gran Turismo DD PRO PS5 sim racing wheel

Justin Melillo
Fanatec, Polyphony Digital announce Gran Turismo DD PRO for PS5

Fanatec is finally in the Gran Turismo wheel game, and they’ve arrived in a big way. Back in July, we learned of the new partnership between Fanatec and Polyphony Digital but we didn’t know exactly what we’d see. Today, we got word of the Gran Turismo DD PRO, a Direct Drive wheel bundle for PlayStation 5.

The Gran Turismo DD PRO will be the first Direct Drive wheel made specifically for PlayStation 5 for the current and future Gran Turismo game lineup. Even better, this Direct Drive wheel by Fanatec will be preorder-able at the end of this week on Black Friday.

The new wheel is Direct Drive, so it has no gears, no belts, just straight up connection to the motor inside with Fanatec‘s FluxBarrier technology. Direct Drive is quickly becoming a top-level choice among the sim racing community, and now PlayStation 5 racers will have something purpose-built for them.

The wheel itself features a white OLED display and also includes a diffused RevLED strip. The standard PlayStation 5 buttons are found littered upon the surface of the wheel with a 280 mm diameter rim, rubber grips on the perimeter, and of course, those standard paddle shifters on the back.

Fanatec Gran Turismo DD PRO for PS5 wheels

The Gran Turismo DD PRO comes with the wheel, a pedal set, a table clamp and a power pack. There will be three different bundles to choose between, and the 5Nm one will have an expedited option for a little extra to get the deal shipped before Christmas.

Gran Turismo 7 is set to release 4th March 2022, so if you want to guarantee the combo pack before the game launch, the expedited option might be for you. Otherwise, the deals will launch in March 2022 with no specified date.

The normal 5Nm power pack bundle with the two-pedal set will go for €/$699.95. An 8Nm system which comes included with the Boost Kit 180 checks in at €/$849.95. That same 8Nm bundle with a three-pedal CSL Pedal Load Cell Kit, the high end of the packages, will cost €/$969.85. The expedited 5Nm bundle will also cost €/$849.95.

While it will work with other racing games on the PlayStation 5 console, it was made with Gran Turismo in mind. It will also work on PS4 and PC gaming systems. These peripherals also work in the entire Fanatec ecosystem of products, so if the pedals are not up to your standards, or you want to add a shifter accessory, that is possible with this new product.

Gran Turismo DD PRO for PS5

The only downside at the moment seems to be that this particular base system won’t be sold without the things you might not need, like the pedals or table clamp, at least at the start. The site says that there will be a Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base standalone wheel base coming soon, it’s only pending the final product approval from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

I’d like to believe the wheel combo might also come separate as well for those who might already own a Fanatec base, but then again, that isn’t guaranteed.

Check out the GT DD PRO announcement trailer below and let us know your thoughts on the upcoming peripheral from Fanatec and Polyphony Digital.

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Fanatec Gran Turismo DD PRO sim racing range

Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro – 5Nm power pack, two-pedals – €/$699.95

Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro Express Verison – 5Nm power pack, two-pedals, delivery before Christmas – €/$849.95

Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro (8Nm) – 8Nm Boost Kit 180, two-pedals – €/$849.95

Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Premium Bundle – 8Nm Boost Kit 180, CSL Pedal Load Cell Kit – €/$969.85

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