F1 24 set for handling “adjustments” post-launch

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The Codemasters development team will include tweaks in the next patch, alongside a spate of further tweaks.
F1 24 set for handling “adjustments” post-launch

With EA SPORTS F1 24 now out in the wild, attention turns to the post-release support – principally the vehicle handling.

Being able to monster kerbs like they are flatter than an ironing board and over-driving to achieve top leaderboard spots are primary concerns for the new  ‘Dynamic Handling System’.

In our review, we concluded that most people with a gamepad will find it easier to drive than prior instalments – but as soon as you use a wheel or want to esports-sweat, behaviour is slightly off. We certainly didn’t find it ‘undrivable’, however.

“With all assists turned off, traction zones are now easier to master, while kerbs seem to be a benign presence in all but the most extreme cases.

“Cars feel very ‘on-the-nose’ to drive, with initial oversteer trending towards mid-corner understeer. It may not be to everyone’s tastes.”

F1 24, Jarno Opmeer
If you’d like to be as quick as Jarno Opmeer with a wheel, understeer seems to be the quickest technique in F1 24

A day before the standard edition was released, Electronic Arts issued a statement outlining how it is aiming to implement handling changes in the next game update:

“Thank you to all the drivers who have already joined us on the grid in F1 24.

Following continued conversations with drivers of all levels and our update last week on handling, we are pleased to say that we are making gameplay adjustments based on feedback we’ve received. The plan is to include those updates in the game’s next patch and we will update you on timing in the coming days.

In the meantime, we will continue to work with the community, esports drivers, and content creators by gathering feedback to implement further tweaks.

Thanks again for the continued conversation to make F1 24 the best experience for all drivers.”

EA SPORTS F1 24 statement

On the EA Answers HQ forum, there is a thread specific to handling performance, with the stated intention of collating feedback.

Work-in-progress changes

As always, there is also a public list of reported game issues that the F1 24 development team will be working through.

For now, this is simply what could be updated, but we expect some of these to drop into the ‘awaiting patch’ and ‘resolved’ categories over the coming days and weeks.

F1 24, Nigel Mansell
Our Nige ponders future F1 24 updates

Current issues that are being investigated include multiplayer collisions, an invisible bump at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and being unable to process in the My Team game mode after one-and-a-half seasons.

The full list, as of 3rd June 2024, is below and we’ll report on progress made with each subsequent patch:

  • Unusual collisions during some Multiplayer races
  • Invisible bump at Turn 13 (Spain)
  • Replay audio doesn’t always match on-screen visuals
  • My Team unable to proceed after ~1.5 Seasons
  • Thrustmaster TX wheel not being recognised (PC)
  • F1 ‘Theme Song’ is being copyright-claimed on YouTube
  • Two-player Career mode becoming unresponsive in menus – Link to Temporary Workaround
  • Logitech G923 FFB not working correctly unless turning off and on (Xbox Series)
  • Haas and Ferrari using the same colour on timing board and mini-map
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