F1 23’s Podium Pass Season 2 is a little borked

The latest update to the cosmetic item and F1 World resource unlock system hasn’t quite gone to plan.
F1 23's Podium Pass Season 2 is a little borked

Following the completion of F1 23‘s first Podium Pass season, the second is now liv,e but sadly with some issues.

As players scroll through the various tiers – advancement is through obtaining XP from race events – you can usually see a preview of what to expect.

This time around, it seems as if all F1 World-related upgrades and compendium stickers are present and correct, but any cosmetic item is missing an icon.

F1 23 Podium Pass Season 2 Palms Helmet

Further up the levels, there isn’t a description. So, for example, the ‘Palms Helemt’ is unlocked at Level 2, although you can’t see what it will look like. For Level 9, it’s simply ‘helmet’. Strange.

We hope that this will be patched soon, before Season 3 which is expected in around eight weeks. The Level 50 bonus for F1 World is the real-world team principal of Aston Martin, Mike Krack.

F1 23 Podium Pass Season 2 Level 9 Helmet

F1 23 has also received a driver stat update, whereby Max Verstappen extended his lead atop the standings. A future update is also expected to tighten up track limits in the online ranked mode.

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