EA and Codemasters publish work in progress F1 22 fix list

In an attempt to placate frustrated drivers, a list of known errors has been published by EA and Codemasters as they seek to tidy-up the F1 22 game.
EA and Codemasters publish work in progress F1 22 fix list

After a somewhat tumultuous launch for the perfectly respectable and enjoyable F1 22 game, a working changelog has been published by developers Codemasters.

During our review period we encountered several bugs on the early PC build, and noted after launch that while the console version was more stable, it too was perhaps more error-ridden than F1 2021 at launch.

James Bralant, Social and Creator Manager at Electronic Arts, posted a thread today, 15th June 2022, with a list of items that the Birmingham-based development team is currently working on and in order of their current progress.

There are two main components: Known bugs that are being investigated, and known bugs that are reportedly fixed and awaiting a patch deployment.

One main frustration we experienced pre-release was the lack of force feedback when using any of the popular Logitec wheels. Other brands were okay, but we’re in a fortunate position to test across multiple devices. Most consumers are not, and we did provide this feedback on numerous occasions.

Happily, this has been marked as resolved, so we hope this fix is pushed out via an update sooner rather than later.

F1® 22 Baku update

Other items that are resolved, but not yet live, include excessive ICE/MGU-H wear when using automatic gears, three race engineer logic enhancements and multiple amendments for the Baku City Circuit – fixing broken barriers at Turn 19, excessive retirements when on simulation damage and starting a flying lap causing damage at Turn 15.

Items that are currently being investigated include PC users with Heusinkveld pedals experiencing a 50 per cent brake deadzone, Quick Practice in My Team or Driver Career wearing the Power Unit to the point of it being irreparable and the inability to use radio commands after using a flashback in certain circumstances.

The full list is below, and as ever we will report any updates or changes for the game, such as last week’s first post-release patch.


  • AI straight line speed after slow corners
  • AI can backout on overtakes too easily
  • Heusinkveld pedals have a 50% brake deadzone
  • Quick Practice over-wears the entire Power Unit
  • Inability to use radio commands after using Flashback in certain circumstances
  • Inconsistent force feedback when using a controller (PC)
  • Sponsor contract lengths can be exceptionally long after an auto-renewal
  • Tyre temperature above blanket temps when starting Formation Lap
  • Sponsor logos do not appear in replays on the Player Car
  • Driver number 23 is incorrectly available for use


  • Sector timings not displaying
  • Broken barriers at Baku – Turn 19
  • Broadcast Safety Car causes all AI to pass and sometimes receive DSQs
  • Tyre temperatures reset when pausing the game in Multiplayer
  • Little to no force feedback when using Logitech G920/G29/G923
  • Excessive DNFs at Baku when using Simulation Damage (My Team)
  • Excessive ICE/MGU-H wear when using automatic gears
  • Involuntary head movement when braking and accelerating in VR
  • Flying lap can cause damage on Baku – Turn 15
  • Engineer incorrectly states DSQ’d cars are still running
  • Engineer refers to Racing Point
  • Engineer stops replying to certain questions

Source: EA

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