Disney Speedstorm’s Season 2 is Toy Story themed

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Racers will be able to use new game modes, classic Toy Story characters and enjoy a new track.
Disney Speedstorm's Season 2 is Toy Story themed

The “To Infinity And Beyond” season once again plunders the instantly-recognisable Disney back catalogue of characters, bringing with it some of the most famed Toy Story characters:

  • Racers Woody
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Jessie
  • Bo Peep

The update also includes a new track, Andy’s Room. There are strong hints of a Hot Wheels Unleashed level, mashed with a strong nostalgia for the original PlayStation Toy Story game.

Disney Speedstorm Andy's Room Toy Story Season 2

There are two new game modes too. Color Match will see all competitors turn either purple or green, and the aim is to hit matching skill boxes. Meanwhile, in Follow the Leader, vast quantities of manual boost are granted for staying in the slipstream of rivals.

Mid-season, two first racers will hit the karts, with Steamboat Mickey and Steamboat Pete inspired by the Steamboat Willie animated short.

Disney Speedstorm Golden Pass Season 2 Toy Story

Of course, there will be dozens of customizable cosmetic items to unlock through the game’s pass system – who doesn’t have one of those these days? Disney Speedstorm is in a form of controversial paid-for early access via founders packs, before going free-to-play at a later date.

Season 2 is available now and also includes the following quality-of-life changes.

Disney Speedstorm Season 2 Changelog



  • The “Edit Racer” button on the main menu will now open a Racer selection menu so players can choose exactly which Racer to edit rather than just their last played Racer.
  • The last unlocked Racer selected in the Collections tab will now be the Racer displayed upon returning to the main menu.
  • If a player is about to begin a race with a Racer with an empty Crew slot and a Crew member available, a reminder will be given to fill the slot before starting.


  • A Season Tour Chapter will now not be marked as complete until all of the rewards from that chapter’s Mystery Box have been earned.
  • Fixed an issue causing Mystery Race Nodes to appear in their “complete” state before all of their associated Mystery Box rewards had been earned.
  • Mystery Race Nodes will now display exactly how long you need to wait to attempt them again.  

We remind players that mystery Race Nodes can be attempted twice per day with a total of 20 rewards available to unlock from the Mystery Box. 


  • Weekly Missions are now called “Season Missions”.

New Season Missions appear each week and can be completed over the course of the entire season. 

  • We have added a shortcut button to each Chapter of the Season Tour to allow players to more easily check their Season Missions progress. 


  • Limited Event tiles will no longer display a timer until revealed. 
  • Limited Event tiles will now be marked as completed once all objectives have been completed.
  • An animation has been added to better indicate when Season Coins are earned for revealing new Limited Event tiles. 
  • Limited Event objective visuals have been improved to make tracking progress easier. 
  • Difficulty levels have been removed from Limited Event objective visuals.
  • Fixed an issue causing Limited Event objectives to appear out of order when adjusting the difficulty level. 


  • Players are now reminded of how many Golden Pass Credits they have remaining when purchasing the Golden Pass from the Shop. 
  • Player’s Multiplayer Coins inventory is now only viewable while in the Shop. 


  • When opening the Golden Pass tab, the focus will now always be on the current rewards tier of the player. 



  • CPU Racers in Ranked Multiplayer will now target real player Racers less often.
  • Fixed issue causing some Racers to appear as if they had finished a race after 1 lap.
  • The Flying Objects race type will now appear in Ranked & Regulated Multiplayer races. 


  • Your Local Freeplay Racer selection settings and race rule settings will now be maintained between sessions. 


  • Haptic Feedback (Vibration/Rumble) Support is now available for Xbox and PC.
  • New players will now receive a prompt to help them better understand how Assisted Steering works and allow them to enable this setting. 


  • Respawns have been improved when players fall off rails. 


  • Fixed issue causing FPS drops when accessing the Shop on some platforms. 
  • Xbox One players will see improvements to FPS during periods of high action.
  • PS+ Rewards will no longer appear as locked when linking multiple accounts. 
  • The full reward animation will now only be displayed when opening Boxes or claiming Golden Pass rewards. 
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