Diminutive racing game Rush Rally Origins launches on PC 14th April

Diminutive racing game Rush Rally Origins launches on PC 14th April

One of our favourite games released in 2021, Rush Rally Origins will bring its procedurally generated stages to PC via Steam later this month.

One of our favourite games from last year, Rush Rally Origins, is heading to PC via Steam, and it’s launching on the 14th April.

Originally released for Android (Google Play), iOS (App Store) and Nintendo Switch, the top-down rally-racer will soon be available for PC players.

It features a unique visual style, and most enjoyably, smooth visuals mixed with moreish vehicle handling.

Rush Rally Origins USA

Created by the diminutive team at Brownmonster Games, Origins takes the technological advances that 2019’s Rush Rally 3 defined, and remakes the decade-old original Rush Rally, including its fictional cars and ability to procedurally generate stages from over 100 parameters.

The new platform release also coincides with two new locations and five new cars for the game that we described as “one of the best driving games on [Switch]” in our review and included within our games of the year 2021.

Rush Rally Origins Japan

Japan and the USA will join the roster alongside the Fandu Rallye R, Rattler Max, Kobishi TM, Mino Keeper Retro and Sapient Beam M – all of which feature knowing design nods to some classic rally cars. This is included in the Steam release and will be available as an optional paid content pack on mobile devices.

Developer Stephen Brown is also working on further console versions, plus a physical release on Switch including Rush Rally 3.

Rush Rally Origins PC release date

Rush Rally Origins PC release date via Steam is 14th April 2022.

Source: Brownmonster Games

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