Date revealed for RaceRoom’s Drivers Pack DLC alongside MX-5 closer look

Justin Melillo
Alongside a closer look at the Mazda MX-5 coming to RaceRoom, KW Studios also revealed that The Drivers Pack will launch on 14th December.
Date revealed for RaceRoom Drivers Pack DLC alongside MX-5 closer look

Back at the end of November, the folks behind the RaceRoom Racing Experience sim racing platform, over at KW Studios, announced a future DLC pack of content that would be available later this month (December).

The Drivers Pack, headlined by the addition of Circuit de Charade, also contains four new cars including the Mazda MX-5. On Friday (9th December), RaceRoom fans in the KW Studios forums were treated to a closer look at the MX-5 that’s on its way, plus an official release date for all of the DLC content.

The Mazda MX-5, Circuit de Charade, Crosslé 9S, Crosslé 90F and the Praga R1 are all coming on 14th December, which is less than a week away. On Wednesday next week, RaceRoom racers will be able to lap Charade in a MX-5.

This Global MX-5 Cup car is almost a cult classic in the racing sphere, often a starting point (or close to it) in the careers of many road racing car enthusiasts. There’s a version over on iRacing and it’s some of the most fun to be had, despite its lack of speed and flashiness.

RaceRoom’s version will be the fourth-generation ND2 MX-5. This is “shorter than the original model and almost as light” per KW Studios. The post also reads that this car will be normally-aspirated, it will include an inline four-cylinder engine that produces 181bhp with a six-speed transmission.

The only thing we don’t know now is the price of the upcoming content. Surely, there might be some reveal of said price point before 14th December, but that’s not always the case. Will you be grabbing the new content when it drops next week? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: KW Studios

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