Cars.co.za is looking for the best South African sim racer

Cars.co.za is looking for the best South African sim racer

The folks at Cars.co.za, which is South Africa’s leading automotive online platform, is putting together a search for their country’s next big sim racer. On Thursday (19th May), the Cars.co.za YouTube put out a video announcing the search for a South African sim racing star.

Now, it doesn’t look like there is any actual sim racing competition here, it looks to be all about marketing your personal sim racing brand through social media. Entrants will, for one, need to be a South African sim racer, and two, will need to build a profile on the MatchKit.co sporting profile platform.

Three sim racers will be chosen by the Cars.co.za team, and on 3rd June 2022, the winner will be announced on the Cars.co.za Instagram and become the paid affiliate of the brand.

Part of the search is in marketing yourself. The #CarsSimRacerSearch hashtag is a requirement to share on Facebook and Instagram posts connected to the MatchKit profiles you create.

This all does look to be in conjunction with the Mercedes-Benz ATK Pro Racing Series. That particular sim racing series, which requires the purchase of an eLicense to participate, looks to use Assetto Corsa Competizione, Gran Turismo 7 and rFactor 2 in their virtual competitions.

Any South African racers in the Traxion.GG community out there? Let us know if you’ve put in an application in. Good luck to all that enter!

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