Build update v1.1122 for rFactor 2


There was the release of a small update to the rFactor 2 platform today. Despite the small nature of the update, this is a new build and not a hotfix so dedicated servers will need to be updated for anyone that runs one.

If you’re a regular user of the platform, you should only need to close the game (if it is running) and re-open it – letting the Steam client handle the rest.

You can see the full changelog and release notes posted on the rFactor 2 forums below:


  • Fixed an issue with software vsync not strictly adhering to the actual limit in the UI.
  • Several improvements to VR rendering in the UI that should eliminate the flickering people saw.
  • Added a missing error prompt in dev mode if some file was missing.
  • Changed a timeout value when interacting with Steam to not give up as easily.

Stick around on for all the latest rFactor 2 news.

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