BMW M4 GT3 “early release” comes to iRacing


In a fully of news recently, iRacing have announced that the BMW M4 GT3 will be coming to the service.

The car itself has created plenty of controversy in automotive circles with its pretty beefy front-grille. Ultimately though, the performance is going to be what matters on iRacing. Who cares about a grille when you can’t see it and you’re smashing in GT3 record laps.

GT3’s have seen a lot of love in recent years in racing games. Particularly on Kunos Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa Competizione where to begin with it was the only car type you could enjoy. Recently though, they added the GT4 car pack to increase their GT-heavy offering.

Evidently, this car will be released a few weeks into 2021 Season 1 so there won’t be long to wait if you’re a big BMW fan. Following refinement of the car’s modelling, the “early release” tag will be dropped.

There’s been a lot of sim raicng and gaming news coming from the German manufacturer recently. They also just announced that there’s going to be a BMW M4 GT3 wheel that you can buy from Fanatec. It’s apparently completely identical and can be used in the real car and on the sim – check out our news article here.

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