BMW Esports first team to unveil Season 2 Formula Pro concept

Justin Melillo
BMW Esports first team to unveil Season 2 Formula Pro concept

Following the successful first Formula Pro season in 2021 on the rFactor 2 platform, the second season is shaping up to already be bigger than ever. During the BMW Esports 2021 Sim Live show over this past weekend, an early sketch of the proposed design from BMW Designworks was unveiled, and the final product will release in 2022.

Per the BMW Esports team on Twitter, each manufacturer is expected to have their own individual design for the second season. BMW is the first to lay out what they have in store. It’s unknown what other manufacturers will be providing in terms of specified virtual body work.

Looking at the model, it’s really neat to see some of those classic BMW designs shine through. While these pointy-nosed single seaters can’t have too much of a giant grille opening like the GT cars would, the front wing and the split rear wing somewhat exemplify those BMW vibes.

BMW doesn’t have a team outright in the Formula Pro series currently, but they did have partners like BS+COMPETITION that competed in Season 1. We’ll have to see how things roll out team-wise now that manufacturer-specific designs will be in Season 2.

I would have to assume the upcoming Formula Pro cars will all still have the same specs, or at least similar to what was driven in Season 1. However, there was a blog post that teased in the replies that there might be a lower end version for the Formula Challenge series.

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