“Below €5,000” for new BMW Fanatec wheel


Back in December, we reported that Fanatec and BMW had combined to create a new steering wheel.

The reality is that the new product is more than a steering wheel for your home simulator – it can be used on your Fanatec wheelbase and (if you’re lucky) a BMW M4 GT3 car. Evidently the wheels that the new race car and the ones that will be sold on Fanatec’s website come from the same production line with no modifications.

Until now there had been no announcement on pricing (although we speculated it would cost a sizeable chunk). Today, a new BMW blog announced that the wheel will cost “below 5,000 euros”.

Now on initial inspection you’d be right in thinking that that is a lot of money. I mean, you could literally buy a whole car for the entire cost of the thing between your hands for pretend race car driving. That said, because this wheel is fully compatible with a real race car and is designed for performance + safety there are going to be additional expenses.

The wheel is made of layered carbon fibre and weighs only 1400 grams and is fully weather and shockproof – not something you’d normally see on your rig.

If you are still interested the steering wheel is “likely to become available in the second quarter of 2021.”

What do you think? Something you’re in-line to purchase or maybe just too over-the-top for a sim setup. As always, let us know in the comments, forums and social media.

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