releases minor update, now at v0.23.5

BeamNG Ibishu Covet crashed
Bollard vs Ibishu Covet. That’s a win for the bollard there, I’d say.

It’s been over a month since the last update, the v0.23 Summer Update, dropped for On Monday, a minor update was released to fix some of the issues that cropped up since the last release. v0.23.5 addresses some of the issues that have been reported by players and testers. Updates to the scenarios, the scriptAI and the game engine in general have fixed some of those bugs. Improvements for the replay system and world editor have also been included.

Specifically with the scriptAI issues, where paths are set for AI vehicles, users were having issues with the paths not being followed or ignored. That has been updated in this patch. Other than that, the update is generally small but helpful. It’s only a 23MB update file, so that’s how tiny it really is. Check out the full set of changes below. v0.23.5 Changelog

Game Engine

  • Fixed an issue where audio files from content/ were not accessible in-game
  • Fixed crash while exporting performance graph data to JSON


  • Migration will no longer be performed if this is the first run of the game


  • Fixed an issue with scriptAI not moving


  • Fixed materials when using UV1 on normal maps
  • Fixed material’s UV animations


  • Fixed traffic respawning when a bus route is restarted


  • Fixed vehicles sometimes being invisible when playing back replays after a game restart
  • Fixed some replays not working when they had been recorded in certain mod maps
  • Slightly improved logging of the replay system

World Editor

Decal Road Editor

  • Fixed some road materials not showing up in the inspector
  • Fixed an issue where duplicating a road in the object tool makes it unselectable in the road editor
  • Disabled regeneration of all decal roads on exit to make exiting faster
  • Improved performance of road editing when the “overObjects” field is set

Forest Editor

  • Fixed newly created forest item meshes not being saved
  • Added copy, paste and duplicate to the forest editor
  • Deselect forest brush when switching to “select item” mode

Terrain Editor

  • Fixed reload of terrain materials when saving changes to materials

Object Tool

  • Improved performance of the object tool by disabling constant “hovered object detection”
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