Asetek SimSports: “We would very much like to support consoles”

Crystal Scuor
Asetek SimSports CEO André Eriksen is hopeful to bring its new line-up of sim racing wheels and wheel bases to consoles as soon as it’s possible.
Asetek SimSports plans to bring their products to console.

Step aside, Fanatec and Logitech. There’s a new sheriff in town.

Asetek SimSports, the Danish company that created the hydraulic Invicta pedals and the Pagani tie-in, continues to make its presence known in the world of sim racing.

After debuting a prototype wheel base and steering wheels at Gamescon in August 2022—said to be hitting the market in Q4 2022, if all goes to plan—the up-and-comer has big plans to join the Xbox and PlayStation community, too.

Tom Harrison-Lord at Gamescom testing Asetek SimSports lineup of prototypes

“Yeah, we would very much like to support consoles,” said Asetek SimSports CEO André Eriksen to Traxion.GG at the event.

“We have the team to support it, both software and hardware.”

It’s not really a matter of will they bring their products to console, but more so when. And that all depends on a tiny detail…literally. The only thing standing in the way currently is a chip shortage.

“Because of chip shortage, the console manufacturers have told us that enabling new hardware suppliers right now is not on top of their list, primarily because we need to have one of their chips in our devices to do the official support,” explained Eriksen.

“And if they don’t have the chip, it makes no sense to enable new hardware partners.”

Eriksen says the team is on it, though, stating it will continue to keep the lines of communication open with manufacturers throughout the process. This could be huge for growth in the racing game industry, considering both Fanatec and Logitech recently brought the direct drive ecosystem to console, as well.

Taking the Asetek SimSports wheel for a spin

“As soon as we possibly can; as soon as [console manufacturers] possibly can, I would say we are ready.”

Another major player in the world of sim racing is a nod to the success of the industry and we’re excited to see Asetek SimSports’ accrescent through its ever-expanding lineup of products.

You can hear more about Asetek SimSport’s expansive plans in our Traxion.GG Podcast interview, available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

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