Asetek SimSports’ Invicta Quick Release Adapter Kit launches this month

The kit will enable native support for the Danish’s company’s wheel base for those already with steering wheels by the likes of Gomez Sim Industries and Cube Controls.
Asetek SimSports' Invicta Quick Release Adapter Kit starts shipping this month

Asetek SimSport’s vision of enabling a more free-flowing sim racing wheel and wheel-base ecosystem has taken another significant step forward with the Invicta Quick Release.

The aim is to have a simple quick release system, without the need to plug in a USB cable or connect to a wireless (or Bluetooth) system each time you connect a steering wheel to your base. Instead, the Asetek process involves a satisfying paddle and sliding mechanism to connect the devices, and that includes the electronic (wireless USB) interface.

We tested it at the SimRacing Expo last December and were impressed by its ease of use and solidity. The company then planned to roll out this system for wheels outside of its own range in two ways: an adapter kit and in-build from third-party wheel manufacturers out of the box.

The latter system is still a work in progress, although a recent video by the company once again showcased the system built onto the rear of an Ascher Racing device. 11 manufacturers have now signed up for the initiative.

  • Ascher Racing
  • BavarianSimTec
  • Cube Controls
  • Gomez Sim Industries (GSI)
  • Rexing
  • SimCore
  • Simline
  • Trak Racer
  • VPG Sim
  • Soelpec
  • Delta Simtech
Asetek SimSports's Quick release on an Ascher Racing steering wheel

The former, a kit to work with existing equipment, has now been revealed in its final form. The Invicta Quick Release Adapter Kit will include three lengths of adapter 80mm, 150mm and 200mm), a flange (supporting 70mm and 50.8mm bolt patterns), screws, Allen keys and the quick connect unit. The cable can be hidden inside the length of quick release adapter.

Production was pushed back in order to facilitate a brand new CNC machine to produce the parks in Denmark.

Asetek SimSports's Invicta Quick Release Adapter Kit

“We ordered a new CNC machine, but unfortunately it’s taking two months to receive,” said André Eriksen, Founder and CEO of Asetek SimSports.

“But it shows we are committed to this. We bought this machine only to manufacture this.”

Asetek SimSports Invicta Quick Release Adapter Kit

The set will be available for €149.99/$149.99. There will also be a bundle where if you buy four a fifth set will be included for no additional charge.

Source: Asetek SimSports

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