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art of rally’s Indonesia is now live on console

Take a trip to Indonesia in art of rally's latest update, now available on console

Indie game developer funselektor’s art of rally Indonesia update is finally available on console and is a virtual trip to tropical paradise.

In September, art of rally essentially booked us all a ticket to beautiful Indonesia in the form of a new update for the PC version. Along with the virtual plane ride came a teaser: Coming to consoles soon!

Well, soon is finally here.

Indonesia is an incredibly peaceful place filled with lush palm trees, endless beaches with the most pristine turquoise blue waters and a simple, yet breathtakingly wonderful way of living.

art of rally's Indonesia update is full of epic views, soothing songs and visually appealing tracks
art of rally’s Indonesia update is full of epic views, soothing songs and visually appealing tracks

Somehow, art of rally’s Indie developer from Vancouver, Canada, captured everything perfectly and has now brought the stunning Southeast Asian nation to PlayStation, Switch and Xbox, too.

The Indonesia update features six fresh tracks, two new songs and an entirely unique freeroam area, called kabeana island.

funselektor dropped the news via Twitter and as of 2nd December 2022, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S users can take a trip to the latest location, free of charge.

Our hands on look proved to be inspiring, to say the least. The top-down rally racing title takes us through a plethora of stages, including mount kawi, semangka bay, satonda island, oreng valley, sangeang island and kalabakan valley.

Prepare yourself for hidden gems, such as views, cassettes and letters, all available on the PC and console version.

Let us know if you’ve driven the scenic Indonesian tracks in art of rally’s latest update in the comments below!

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