American Truck Simulator’s 1.49 update now in open beta

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Several new quality-of-life features will be added to the truck sim through version 1.49, and those who open-in can try them early.
American Truck Simulator's 1.49 update now in open beta

Players of SCS Software’s American Truck Simulator can now test out several game-enhancing features by selecting the beta branch of the PC title.

The much-vaunted update 1.49 is due for an imminent release, but if you’d like to see it for yourself early, then you now can as of 31st October 2023.

American Truck Simulator storm update

The upgrades include the addition of the moon, HDR skies and additional lightning strikes during stormy weather. A used vehicle marketplace, that also includes a new way of managing truck damage and wear, is also included. Keybind ‘modifiers’ are also included, so for example, you can now assign the use of the shift key when assigning functions.

All of these features are also expected to be added via a similar update to SCS’s Euro Truck Simulator 2 too, soon.

PACCAR Technical Center, American Truck Simulator

One addition that’s specific to the American title, however, is a new location – a 1:1 recreation of the PACCAR Technical Center.

The Washington test area is used by the likes of Kenworth and Peterbilt to put its upcoming products through rigours challenges. Here, you’ll be able to explore the area, including driving over deliberately difficult undulating asphalt, banked turns and steep inclines.

To sign in, right-click on American Truck Simulator in your Steam library today, selecting beta 1.49 within the properties tab.

Source: SCS Software

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