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24 Hours From Tulsa: Oklahoma DLC teased for American Truck Simulator

Oklahoma DLC teased for American Truck Simulator

SCS Software has revealed that American Truck Simulator’s next DLC pack will be based in the state of Oklahoma.

American Truck Simulator has recently enjoyed its v1.46 update and the much-anticipated Texas DLC. However, developer SCS Software has announced another DLC map pack coming to the popular trucking sim, constituting another USA state – Oklahoma. 

Nicknamed the ‘Sooner State’ on account of settlers jumping the gun ahead of the release of land s in the late 19th century, Oklahoma is today most famous for producing oil and gas, with a focus on agriculture in the Prairie Plains region in the North. 

Oklahoma DLC teased for American Truck Simulator

Oklahoma has a varied landscape, with mountainous areas like the Ozark, Ouachita and Arbuckle Mountains; the Red River Valley bordering Texas; the flat Red Beds Plains in the centre of the state and the High Plains grasslands –  the highest part of Oklahoma. 

Not much has been revealed about what we can expect to see from American Truck Simulator’s (ATS) Oklahoma DLC but we can guess there will be an industrial focus on the capital Oklahoma City and the state’s second city, Tulsa. 

Oklahoma DLC teased for American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator’s Texas-Sized Bundle released 

After ATS’ Texas DLC was released, SCS Software also unveiled a new DLC bundle, offering savings on multiple pieces of content. The ‘Texas-Sized Bundle’ includes the Texas and New Mexico map packs, two livery packs, the base game (if you don’t already own it), the Wheel Tuning Pack and Heavy Cargo/Special Cargo packs. 

Together, the pack costs £25.33 during Steam’s Autumn Sale, which runs until the 29th of November. 

What are you expecting with ATS’ Oklahoma DLC pack? When do you expect it to release? Let us know in the comments below! 

Visit El Capitan in American Truck Simulator’s upcoming Texas DLC 
El Capitan is one of the scenic locations you can find in ATS’ Texas DLC

Texas-Sized Bundle contents 

  • Texas DLC
  • Wild West Paint Jobs Pack 
  • American Truck Simulator base game 
  • New Mexico DLC
  • Heavy Cargo Pack 
  • Special Transport DLC
  • Space Paint Jobs Pack 
  • Wheel Tuning Pack 

Images courtesy of SCS Software 

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