Codemasters teases 2021 DIRT 5 roadmap, and it sounds promising

DIRT 5 2021 Roadmap Puegeot 208 WorldRX Gymkhana (1)

Codemasters teases 2021 DIRT 5 roadmap, and it sounds promising

One of the quirks of DIRT 5, Codemasters’ recent off-road racing game, is a succinct career mode that seems to rename similar race types in order to provide a faux-depth that it can’t quite back up over time.

The recent Update 2.00 added some new features such as steering wheel support, increased the size of online parties and included the free Snow Limits content pack that largely consisted of visual niceties.

Thankfully, the official DIRT Twitter account recently tweeted the image below which listed some of the plans for DIRT 5 throughout 2021.

There are no more details available at this time, but online players will be relieved to see private lobbies on the agenda. Even with the recent increase of party size, all online events are still public and there’s no way of finding a lobby other than quickly joining a pre-set event. Strangely, Codemasters’ 2019 GRID reboot also launched without searchable lobbies, but they are essential if DIRT 5 is to garner a sustained online audience.

Another major element mentioned is new events for the Career mode. While the variety of vehicles and locations wasn’t in doubt, the number of events seemed a little lacking – as covered in our DIRT 5 review – so additions here are welcome.

Other requested features such as event ghosts and profile stats are also listed. Trophy and Achievement hunters will notice that there’s an award for driving 1,000 miles, but no way of currently knowing how far along you have got. Fingers crossed this is rectified soon.

DIRT 5 2021 Roadmap Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 (1)

Aside from these two points, the new cars, new tracks, Playgrounds objects, liveries, and customisation options do seem like nice but potentially unessential additions. That being said, let’s see what arrives are over the coming months and it’s pleasing to see committed support for the game. Stay tuned to Traxion for the latest DIRT 5 updates as and when they happen.

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