You Suck at Parking: free winter update features icy multiplayer levels

Crystal Scuor
You Suck at Parking developer Happy Volcano has released a free winter update for its chaotic car game, adding eight suitably wintry levels.

Parking has always been my party trick. There’s just something about getting the angle right on a perfect parallel park that feels oh, so good. Even on a cold, winter day, roads riddled with ice and poor decisions, I somehow do not suck at placing my car in-between the lines.

Speaking of winter, as the popular television series Game of Thrones would say, “Winter is coming!” And thankfully for the parking enthusiasts of the gaming world, You Suck at Parking has gifted us with a free tune-up to prepare for the chilly season in the form of an icy update.

You’ll need to switch to winter tires, though, as eight levels from the previous rotation have frozen over and turned into Snow-mageddon. The DLC also includes four freshly cut grass stages: Bunny Hops, Car of Duty, Stratosphere and Shorty Cuts.

The eight frozen levels, paired with the above new and an additional four fan favourites from the previous set of 16 will be yours to master in the updated rotation, which is now available via Steam and Game Pass.

Game developers Happy Volcano have also fixed some pesky potholes in the title, highlighted by level timing while playing, with milliseconds included. Turn your car stereo way the heck up when admiring the credits, by the way. You may be in for a harmonious surprise!


  • [COMMUNITY SUGGESTION] Added a setting option to display level time in milliseconds
  • Fixed the road clipping issues that happened for a few levels (Fasten your seatbelt, Head start, 4 stories high)
  • Fixed the link to the store from the main menu news item
  • Fixed the absence of input for Quit button in the main menu when using a controller
  • Fixed the campervan missing a grey line on the back of the vehicle
  • Fixed the cement truck missing a shader on the mixer
  • Fixed the issue that allowed a player to driver around in the background of the round result screen, making them control two cars for the next round in some instances
  • Fixed the credits screen redirecting back to the settings screen once it reaches the end, even if the song is playing in the background. Also fixed some accents and spelling there.
  • Fixed scaling for multiplayer status messages that would appear very small on high-resolution screens
  • Fixed the car’s wheels colliding with the car’s body when using an island cannon
  • Fixed the locked Mastery Island 1 building which was a bit under the terrain
  • Fixed the audio settings that were not applying to the Happy Volcano logo screen

Via Steam

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