You Suck at Parking demo available on PlayStation

You Suck at Parking announces PlayStation demo

Game developer Happy Volcano teases You Suck at Parking console release with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 demo, now available.

PlayStation has announced a few spicy titles coming to PS4 and PS5 in the foreseeable future, including the highly-addictive—and, at times, extremely frustrating—arcade racing game, You Suck at Parking.

I’m a big YSAP stan. Yes, I curse and want to throw my PC at the wall whenever I fly off the road into the gleaming ocean below or miss my parking spot by mere inches.

The game takes up so much rent in my head, I should get a free parking pass, to be honest.

Up until 8th December 2022, Happy Volcano’s You Suck at Parking has only been available via Xbox Game Pass (which includes the cheeky physics-based work of art as part of your monthly subscription) or on Steam for £16.99/19,99€.

If you’re big on PlayStation, be sure to check out the quirky parking game’s single-player demo for free, which includes 10 chaotic levels across two biomes filled with heaps of hazards.

Just a tip: you cannot reverse or stop the tiny car, as that will count as parking. What did I tell you? Frustrating for sure.

And yet, I love this game so much.

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