You only have one more day to get Destruction AllStars for free

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Revisiting Destruction AllStars

If you are an active PlayStation Plus member, you have until the end of Monday 5th April 2021 to receive vehicular combat game Destruction AllStars for free.

A PS5 exclusive developed by Lucid Games, it was first released on 2nd February 2021 and since launch has received multiple updates that have included weekly events, seasons and playlists. A photo mode and new competitive 3v3v3v3 game type will be coming in future updates.

If you are a PlayStation Plus member but don’t have a PS5 yet – and with the high levels of demand leading to stock shortages and mad online rushes to buy one, you aren’t alone – you can still add the game to your account for no charge now and then download it later should you plump for a next-gen system further down the line.

Destruction AllStars Packshot PS5

To do so, simply visit the PlayStation web store on a computer or mobile device, or visit the store via the PlayStation mobile app, find the game and select ‘add to library’.

Consider this your final warning. From the 6th April onwards, the game will be available for purchase for a reasonable $19.99/€19.99 for the standard version, with a Digital Deluxe Edition adding additional cosmetic DLC. A physical release of the game will be available from 7th April too.

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