You can now use Discord for voice calls on PS5

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Those driving in cross-platform multiplayer sessions can now accept calls via Discord natively on PS5 thanks to a system firmware update.
You can now use Discord for voice calls on PS5

The latest system firmware update for the PlayStation 5 has been rolled out today, 8th March 2023, and it includes Discord integration.

Discord is a popular service within sim racing due to its ability to host group online calls and create communities to discuss specific games or tastes.

While the integration does not mean the full Discord service is on PS5s, it does mean you can participate in calls via the platform, outside of the existing Party Chat function.

Discord voice call on PS5 account link

The key draw here being you could be racing online using a game that supports cross-platform multiplayer, F1 22 for example, and be natively speaking to friends who are in the same event but using Discord on PC or the mobile app.

The existing Party Chart functionality is for PS4 and PS5 users to conversate exclusively and understandably remains the default option. But now, you can also sign up for a free Discord account to talk across platforms.

To use this new feature, you must first link your PS5 to a Discord account, which is within the system settings. Simply scan a QR code with your phone, sign into Discord and accept the link.

Discord voice call on PS5

Then, to make calls, you use either Discord’s mobile or computer app, start a call and simply hit the ‘transfer to PS5’ button. On your console, the call appears in the Game Base section, just like a Party Chat, and you can talk with your preferred PS5 mic input. Easy.

In practice, and a call between myself and Traxion.GG colleague John Munro, it works well, with clear audio quality. The integration follows the news of a minority investment in Discord by Sony Interactive Entertainment last year.

Other features added with this new firmware include the ability to wirelessly update DualSense controllers, Variable Refresh Rate support at 1440p, the ability to manually select screenshots to upload to the PlayStation App and additional Game Library filters.

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