Wreckreation’s latest trailer is outlandish, ditches PS4 and Xbox one

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The latest gameplay showcases the live, online, track building but omits any mention of a release window
Wreckreation's latest trailer is outlandish, ditches PS4 and Xbox one

Think of Wreckreation, a new open-world driving game by Three Fields Entertainment, as one part Burnout Paradise, one part Modnation Racers and one part Minecraft.

You see, while it’s racing unlicenced and customizable cars across a large environment online with friends, it’s also a giant track editor or creator. Except, unlike most racing games, you don’t create a track before uploading it for others to race.

No, you edit it in an online party live, in front of your clan.

So, a group of people can see you building the course in real time. Not only that, they can then immediately test it, and the routes look nuts. Loop-the-loops, steep inclines and giant jumps in an embroglio sure to spark havoc.

Wreckreation track creation online

The aforementioned car tweaks can also be done on the fly, and the designated Game DJ (read host) can also switch up the time of day. There also seems to be a significant increase in roadside items since its reveal last year.

Don’t forget, boost and crippling vehicle damage are a given – we expect nothing less from the former Criterion Games employees behind it, now working with THQ Nordic following the independently released Danger Zone, Danger Zone 2 and Dangerous Driving titles.

In fact, Wreckreation started life as Dangerous Driving 2, but the scope has dramatically changed.

Wreckreation 2023 gameplay

The new trailer, part of the 2023 THQ Nordic Digital Showcase once again omits a release window. Traxion.GG did view an early build of the upcoming game at Gamescom last year where the creators were coy on a target.

It’s expected to launch for PC PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, however, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been removed from its official website.

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