Wreckfest’s Super Truck Showdown Tournament update is here

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Wreckfest’s Super Truck Showdown Tournament update is here

Wreckfest is the game that keeps on giving. Today, the new remastered PS5 version became available to PlayStation Plus subscribers and now there’s a fresh update to boot. It includes a new Tournament, a new free track for everyone and a new paid DLC pack.

Wreckfest Sandstorm PS5

The Off-Road Car Park is available now for $3.99/£3.29 and includes three new vehicles. The Sandstorm looks like some sort of Baja 1000 competitor, the Trophy Runner some sort of modified pick-up truck and the Trooper a race version of a classic Jeep.

Of course, this is Wreckfest, which means zero licences but a sense of fun and the incredible damage modelling, so feel free to smash these up in-game. If you have the Season Pass 2, this new pack is no additional charge.

Wreckfest  Trophy Runner PS5

The dirt racing theme is continued with the new Rattlesnake Racepark track. The new venue has a super truck racing vibe, with big jumps and tortuous turns – a perfect fit for the game. It has two layouts, forward and reverse.

Alongside the free track and paid DLC is an update to the game’s Tournament mode, where new daily, weekly and monthly challenges will appear, mainly utilising the new content and allowing you to earn additional fame.

Wrekcfest Rattlesnake Racepark

To wrap up, there have been some performance balancing tweaks to certain vehicles, changes to how the Hammerhead RS – which arrived in March – receives damage and a host of other small changes which we’ve listed below.

For now, though, it’s time to boot up the game, and for those lucky PS5 owners, with the enhanced lighting. More on that, very soon.


Game version

PC: 1.275315
PS4: 2.00
PS5: 1.003


  • Added support for the new DLC pack “Off-Road Car Pack” containing three new cars: Sandstorm, Trooper and Trophy Hunter.
  • Added a new track with forward and reverse layouts: Rattlesnake Racepark.
  • Server admins note: the internal designations for the routes are fields14_1 (forward layout) and fields14_2 (reverse).


  • Introducing new tournament: Super Truck Showdown.
  • New tournament shop bundle “Dirtshot” for Hotshot.
  • (XB1) The title no longer crashes to the Xbox Home screen when selecting Quick Match after resuming from connected standby in a pre-game lobby.
  • (XB1) The title no longer crashes after attempting to enter Custom Event on Hill Street Circuit Race during streaming installation.
  • (XB1) The title no longer occasionally crashes to the Xbox Home screen when entering a career event.


  • Speedie is now slightly weaker.
  • Starbeast SS is now more competitive.
  • Stepvan gearbox tuning options now work correctly.
  • Hammerhead RS AI Player now handles the car better.
  • Little Thrasher AI Player now appears correctly in Class B as well.
  • Fixed mismatched rear wheels of Gorbie Class C AI Player vehicle.
  • Starbeast SS “Same As Player”now correctly spawns AI Players with Starbeast SS.
  • Fixed RoadSlayer GT steel rail side protector LOD glitch.
  • Fixed KillerBee S exhaust backfire emitter pivot and door windows parenting.
  • Stellar’s “Supersonic” wheels are now of correct color.
  • The window frames of Hearse no longer float after receiving damage.
  • The rear window of Hearse no longer floats after receiving damage.
  • The window frames of Stepvan no longer float after receiving damage.
  • The skull decoration no longer removes the Raven windshield.
  • The axe decoration of Bandit no longer floats.
  • Cardinal paint damage is now displayed correctly.
  • The rear wind of Hammerhead RS no longer detaches as easily.
  • Wildking racing stripe is now correctly centered.
  • The Hammerhead RS fender no longer falls off before the fender flare.
  • The fuel lid of Sunrise Super and Sweeper now open into correct direction.
  • Texture is now displayed correctly on the Hammerhead RS fuel lid.
  • Removed permanently painted parts of the Starbeast SS paint.


  • Blade (Reckless Car Pack): Adjusted audio mix for more low frequencies and less intake noise.
  • Blade (Reckless Car Pack): Adjusted exhaust rev limiter fart noise to occur only when releasing throttle held against redline.
  • Race: Added new generic gearbox H-shifter sounds.
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