Wreckfest coming to mobile devices later this year

Justin Melillo
Wreckfest will be coming to Android and Apple devices in Fall 2022 with controller support, online multiplayer and 24 cars on track.
Wreckfest coming to mobile devices later this year

Our beloved demo derby racer Wreckfest will officially be going mobile before the end of this year.

We only got a brief clip of the captured mobile footage, but the clip did provide enough to know that the title will be going to release on both iOS and Android devices in the Fall of 2022.

Recently, Wreckfest went portable with the Nintendo Switch release of the title back in June. Now it seems the popular crash-em-up game will be able to fit inside your pocket, even more portable than before.

Miniaturised crashes

The graphics don’t look… great… but I mean, they’ve taken a title that’s absolutely stunning on a next gen console or a high-end PC and shrunken it down to fit in the palm of your hands. It’s to be expected.

The main thing will be not the crunched-down visuals, but if the performance is smooth, consistent and the damage bone-crunching.

At first glance, the crash physics look to be impressively detailed for a mobile application.

I say, as long as it works where I can battle my way to the top and enjoy the wonderment of the Deathloop all the same, the graphics will hopefully be secondary.

Wreckfest mobile gameplay HUD

24 cars on track

The in-game images showcase a total of 24 cars on track at any one time, so just like the damage seemingly being surprisingly detailed, the quantity of rivals is also a nice surprise.

This is one key element for an enjoyable Wreckfest experience, as a shed load of vehicles all pilling into each other at the start of a Deathmatch is riotously good fun.

Wreckfest mobile Apple and Android, THQ Nordic

Development support

The mobile version of Wreckfest is being created by HandyGames alongside original creators Bugbear Entertainment. The German studio is part of the same Embracer Group as THQ Nordic, and therefore a related company to the Wreckfest developers.

It has previously created This Is The Police Mobile, ChessFinity, Townsmen VR, SkyDrift Infinity and SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated.

Controller support and online multiplayer

Wreckfest on mobile looks to be fully featured, as it will support the use of controllers, or gamepads, via Bluetooth alongside the expected touch input options.

Online multiplayer is also confirmed, but not the number of racers just yet. Similarly, ‘Challenge modes’ are listed, but it’s not clear if that’s the Tournament mode seen on other Wreckfest variants. The series’ signature car customisation and career mode will both be present.

Wreckfest mobile touch controls

Wreckfest mobile release date

Wreckfest will be heading to mobile devices in Fall 2022 for Android and Apple devices via the Google Play Store, App Store and Galaxy Store.

We’ll keep watching for updates as they become available. Will you be downloading Wreckfest for your cell phone later in the year? Let us know!

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