Wreckfest Folk Frenzy Tournament update adds new routes, removes zombies

Wreckfest Folk Frenzy Tournament update adds new routes, removes zombies

Hey there Wreckfest fans, it’s time for a new Tournament update, and you know what that means – new stuff.

In this month’s update, there are two new routes now available to all players for free. The Rally Circuit and Rally Circuit Reverse layouts for Firwood Motocenter offer mixed-surface racing, ideal for more folkrace madness. 

Wreckfest Folk Frency Tournament Update

To go with these new variants, there’s a new bundle for the Firefly car – reminiscent of a classic Saab 96 rally car. You’ll have the opportunity to steer this in the Season Challenge, which also uses one of the new venues. 

Controversially, this new update removes zombies from the Carmageddon content, that was added last month. Zombies are a key element to the original Carmageddon, and seeing elements of the game within Wreckfest was an interesting way of rejuvenating the franchise. Now it seems this part of the game will now lack some of its charm. 

As will every Wreckfest update, there are also a host of small tweaks and changes. For those on PC, online performance should be quicker, slicker and more stable thanks to a slew of refinements. 

Zombies or no zombies, Wreckfest is still a ball and these regular content drops make our month. The full changelog is below across PC, PlayStation and Xbox. 

Wreckfest Folk Frenzy Season Challenge

Wreckfest Folk Frenzy Tournament Update Changelog


  • New Firwood Motocenter routes: Rally Circuit and Rally Circuit Reverse.
  • (Server admins note: the internal designations for the routes are mixed7_r2 and mixed7_r2_rev)
  • Zombies and related effects were removed.


  • New tournament season: Folk Frenzy
  • New free tournament reward bundle for Firefly.


  • Bright specs no longer appear on surfaces with decals.
  • Missing textures are now longer displayed on Bleak City demolition derby arena.
  • (PC) Game data verification is faster.
  • (PC) Game input is now disabled and game paused when Steam overlay is opened.
  • (PC) Changing MSAA setting no longer requires restarting the game.
  • (PS5) Tournament fame points are now transferred correctly during save data migration.


  • When using manual gears, 1st gear is now automatically engaged after resetting.
  • Minimap is now displayed correctly during tournament events.
  • On large levels, player tags are now displayed from a further distance.
  • Bogus wheel damage notification is no longer occasionally displayed at event start.
  • Trooper vehicle name is now displayed correctly in the purchase prompt.
  • Speedie driver model is now displayed correctly at all LOD levels.
  • Killerbee’s stock rear spoiler now gets dirty.
  • Wardigger can now endure more damage.


  • (PC) Improved client performance.
  • (PC) Server no longer leaks memory.
  • (PC) In-game hosting with the client works again.
  • (PC) The ping shown in-game now matches the real ping more closely.
  • (PC) Client SteamID is shown when client is connected and disconnected.
  • (PC) Server message is now displayed correctly.
  • (PC) Setting the server password now works properly.
  • A specific message is displayed when client is kicked due to idling.


  • Tristar: Fixed rpm redline issue that could cause sound to stutter if the car is tuned to use shortest gear ratio.
  • In-Game: Fixed issue with Carmageddon start countdown where pausing game during countdown would reset the audio count.

Source: Bugbear Games forum

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