WRC Generations’ Leagues progress now rectified

WRC Generations' Leagues progress now rectified

A new update for PC, PlayStation and Xbox should now see the cross-platform Leagues mode rank up or down correctly.

One of the best features of WRC Generations is its Leagues mode. Sure, the car variety, Clubs and Epic Stages are enjoyable too, but Leagues takes circuit racing’s ranked online modes and applies it to rallying for the very first time.

However, after an initial test season at launch, the progression up the rankings was not functioning correctly.

A new Version update for the title across PC, PlayStation and Xbox – Leagues is a cross-platform feature, after all – has now landed, and following the start of Season 2 on 9th January, everyone should now be able to rise, or fall, as expected.

The entry-level tier has now also been renamed ‘Amateur’ from ‘Beginner’.

WRC Generations January 2023 patch update

Elsewhere, for PlayStation and Xbox players, an error when applying more than 255 stickers to a custom livery design has been vanquished and the leaderboards within Clubs are more accurate.

WRC Generations was the final World Rally Championship game by French studio KT Racing after the licence rights switched to Electronic Arts for 2023. The Switch version was released late in December, but after 1st January 2023, the studio and publisher Nacon can no longer create new WRC content. The full changelog is below.

WRC Generations Version changelog

Console-only Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when exceeding 255 stickers in editor.
  • Changed the lowest League name from “Beginner” to “Amateur”.
  • Fixed a display issue in Clubs leaderboards where it only showed the 10 best scores.
  • Fixed an issue when playing more than a single promotion/relegation animation in one instance of the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the hybrid launch control gauge.
  • Fixed an issue with TCS, where some power was lost at low speed if it was activated.
  • Fixed a display issue on brake disks under specific conditions.

All Platforms

  • Fixed a progression save issue in Leagues.
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