World Rallycross Esports Series – Qualifying Action Continues


The second instalment of action got underway for RX with the second of three Qualifying Finals taking place in October. Plenty of returning competitors who missed out on qualifying last month who were looking to have better luck this time round.

PC (Steam)

The First platform to kick off the action was Steam, who would be tempting to tame RX1600 machinery around Montalegre, Portugal.

As was the way in Qualifying Final 1, the 3 qualifying races preceding the final were fast, furious and frantic with all the competitors scrabbling for positions. It would be Sulyvann Pelletier who would start on pole for the final with 2 wins, ahead of Lukáš Matěja who also had a consistent run.

The first lap of the final kept the heart rate high with 4 drivers opting to go straight and joker lap 1. It left Lukáš Matěja to sneak around turn 1 on the normal lap, and with clean air and the rest of the pack fighting, he would was able to smash lap after lap increasing the lead, and even after taking the joker lap, managed to finish over 3 seconds ahead of the pack.

The biggest loser out of turn 1 was Pelletier who came out in P5, and with such tight racing it would prove difficult to gain from there. Pelletier would eventually finish 4th after a barrier hit from Lucas Dall’Olmo dropped him to last pushing a little too hard.

Michael Karjalainen started the final 4th, but would come and home and secure the second semi-final place after a opportunistic move at turn 1 left him 2nd, a position he managed to keep hold off until the finish.

PlatformGamgertagReal NameNationalityResult
Steam CRsedmickyMatěja LukášCzech1
Steam Micke_karjaMichael KarjalainenSwedish2
Steam TwoTwoOneDaniel JohanssonSwedish3
Steam Sulyvann PELLETIERSulyvann PelletierFrench4
Steam Lucas DALL’OLMOLucas Dall’OlmoFrench5


Hell in Norway played host to the Xbox competitors, and it was Maxence Cosneau who came out with the best results from the qualifying races and would start the final from pole. There was also 2 more drivers who attempted QF1 but were returning for another go, Lopez Ludovic and Luc Fournier, who would start the final 5th and 2nd respectively.

Making full use of the straight joker into turn 1 was Enzo Noel Deslandes and Fournier, with the remaining 3 competitors left battling for position. Pesch and Lopez Ludovic did not leave it long and opted for a joker on lap 2 which left Maxence Cosneau out front.

Cosneau managed the pace for the next few laps with an intense battle between Pesch and Ludovic hampering their progress. However, with a slow 5th lap for Cosneau before the joker meant he would come out very close with Pesch and Ludovic and resulted in a hectic last lap. Pesch was pushing Ludovic for 2nd, but ultimately the strong defence up front meant Cosneau and Ludovic would finish 1-2 and qualify for the semis.

PlatformGamgertagReal NameNationalityResult
XBOXVRX PRIMITYMaxence CosneauFrench1
XBOXSenzoO113Enzo Noel DeslandesFrench2
XBOXOoo KiKi 62 ooOLuc FournierFrench3
XBOXJarod SP7Jarod PeschAustralian4
XBOXEl TiotoLopez LudovicFrench5


The final platform to race were PlayStation, and the competitor who managed to tame the challenging wet conditions in his RX2 in the qualifying races was Dorian Martin with 2 wins and a second place. Geoffrey Bourlier lined up next to Martin, with Sylvain Laville starting on the outside after a challenging 3 races.

It was a super aggressive turn 1 for everyone with half the pack running wide, but it was Martin and Bourlier who survived and came out in front maintaining their grid position. It was only Ryohei Iwami who gambled with the joker on lap 1, and following contact with the barrier after an overtaking attempt on Laville, would finish last a distance off 4th.

Meanwhile, after starting 1-2, Bourlier and Martin pulled clear of the field and looked to have the ultimate pace over their competitors, Martin finishing ahead of Bourlier by 3 seconds, who in turn ahead of 3rd place by 4 seconds.

PlatformGamgertagReal NameNationalityResult
PS4GRT-ArrowwGeoffrey BourlierFrench2
PS4TX3_Sm00kkySylvain LavilleFrench3
PS4Necks_BocksDamian FfrenchAustralian4
PS4SHZ_RanofkaRyohei Iwami Japanese5

After another fast paced and high energy competition we have confirmed the next 6 drivers who will compete in the semi-finals, and will look forward to the final Qualifying Final taking place on 5th December when it will be the last chance for those wanting to qualify.

If you want to watch the WorldRX Esports Series QF2 in it’s full glory, you can do so here on the DIRT YouTube channel. Featuring Andrew Coley and Jon Armstrong, we can highly recommend a thoroughly entertaining show.

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