Wooden sim racing cockpit manufacturer plans expansion, secures government backing

Justin Melillo
Rock Solid Rigs, manufacturers of the RSR-21 sim racing cockpit that is directed by F1 design engineer Mark Foster is planning on expanding their brand after securing recent government funding.

Former Formula 1 design engineer Mark Foster moved over into the sim racing rig business with Rock Solid Rigs a few years back. As of this week, the wooden sim manufacturer now has government backing from the United Kingdom that will allow the brand to expand even further and offer more options globally in the future.

This recent securing of funding has allowed for rocksolidrigs.com‘s new Ecommerce website, which features upgraded racing simulator cockpits as well as new options, to go live as of 9th May. Rock Solid Rigs’ main commodity is their flagship simulator cockpit, the RSR-21, which is available in UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

This particular chassis isn’t like most others on the market. This Rock Solid Rig is “manufactured from renewable plywood,” making the RSR-21 “the most environmentally friendly simulator cockpit available,” per the company. This model costs anywhere from £350 to £8250, plus VAT, depending on the options and additions chosen.

Their new Research and Development building in Bicester, which handles prototyping, production and business development, is a big part of this company-wide expansion. Simply put, this recycled wooden racing rig company has new funds and will be able to expand their reach within the sim racing marketplace.

Right now, the RSR-21 is their only main product on the line, and per the company’s FAQ, shipping to Australia isn’t possible at the current. They have been shipping to most places for the last two years, however, inside Europe.

How this company grows from here, we’ll keep our eyes out for. What do you think about an all wooden sim racing rig like this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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