“Winter Fest” tournament and update for Wreckfest (v1.9)


The Wreckfest update 1.90 is now available for download, for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Get your winter tyres ready, there’s a skid warning!

This update brings you the new Winter Fest tournament mode that will get you sliding and skidding sideways on ice and snow. As seasoned Wreckfest fans will already know, the tournament structure is a great way to earn “Fame” and win great prizes (like the epic Battlebus). Speaking of which, there’s a new reward car – the Starbeast SS.

There are a variety of game modes available in the snow – this includes the regular banger races and destruction derby. However, there is also a pretty cool snowball mode that allows you to destroy your opponents with giant snowballs that earn you points. We gave it a go and we suck compared to some of the people at the top of the leaderboard so kudos if that’s you.

The new snow is unfortunately only available in the tournament mode. It doesn’t look like it’s coming to multiplayer or career modes, no matter how much we wish it was! Maybe Bugbear Entertainment will read this and answer our prayers… we can only hope.

Like with most game updates, there are a number of minor bug fixes included in the most recent patch. And if you’re interested, you can read the full details from the developers on their website or below:

Wreckfest Patch Notes 1.90

Game version

  • PS4: 1.90
  • XB1:
  • PC: 1.269477


  • New tournament season: Winter Fest.
  • New free tournament reward car: Starbeast SS.
  • The DLC promotional screen is only shown once per session for each respective DLC.


  • (PC) Fixed an issue which caused DualShock and DualSense controllers to not function correctly.
  • (XB1) Online features now work correctly after disconnecting the controller before the initial interactive screen.
  • (PS4) Game no longer freezes after signing out of PlayStation™Network while in a multiplayer lobby.


  • Improved Speedie handling and engine to make it more competitive.
  • Small special vehicles no longer take excessive damage even from small shunts.
  • Rammer and Roadcutter AI Player setups are now more appropriate for their respective classes.
  • The rear spoiler of the Nexus RS “BB Racing” bundle is now parented correctly to the trunk lid.
  • Exhausts no longer get distorted after deforming.
  • Roof decorations no longer deform wildly.
  • Fixed Boomer RS taillight cover glitch.


  • Rebel Rat engine audio now plays correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with Stellar where clicks in sound would occur when idling in neutral gear.
  • Cockpit view audio now includes more low and mid range frequencies.
  • Audience sound effects are no longer played during loading screens.
  • In the settings, the “Interface Sound Effects” now changes volume of UI sounds independent from the “Effects” volume.
  • In the settings, the “Ambiance” volume control now affects all track-side sound sources.


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