Why Thrustmaster went direct drive with Xavier Pieuchot | Traxion.GG Podcast S5 E18

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Thrustmaster’s Product Marketing Manager, Xavier Pieuchot, speaks to Traxion.GG about the T818, why it went direct drive, its development process and the future of the company.
Why Thrustmaster went direct drive with Xavier Pieuchot | Traxion.GG Podcast S5 E18

Joining us on this Traxion.GG Podcast episode is Xavier Pieuchot Product Marketing Manager at Thrustmaster. 

It’s been a big month for the gaming and simulation equipment manufacturer, as its first-ever direct drive wheel base – the T818 – was launched and shipped to its first customers. 

Here at Traxion.GG, we were lucky enough to receive one of the first loan units for review. But, we wanted to get deeper under the skin of the T818 and see why the American-French company chose now as the time to enter the increasingly competitive direct drive market, which has quickly become the expected technology for sim racing. 

We cover its launch, development process, why it’s manufactured in France and console support.

Is this the most pivotal moment in its 32-year history? Let’s find out…

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