Who is GRID Legends’ Nathan McKane?

GRID Legends features the Driven to Glory story mode, and within it is GRID series regular Nathan McKane, driving for Revenwest. But who is he and why should you care?
Who is GRID Legends' Nathan McKane?

Nathan McKane is a name synonymous with the GRID franchise. He is a racing driver for the Ravenwest Motorsport team and has appeared in three GRID games to date, and is set to feature in EA Codemasters’ upcoming racing title GRID Legends.

The American is pitched as the players’ nemesis and is generally the quickest driver in the game.

Ravenwest Motorsport

Ravenwest is the team McKane has traditionally driven for throughout his GRID career, and is normally found at the top of the standings.

Their cars are commonly liveried in dark colours – a trope synonymous with the ‘bad guys’ in movies; think Darth Vader or Lord Voldemort… with Nomex suits.

McKane and his long-time teammate Rick Scott are commonly the pacesetters in any GRID race, and often players would do battle with the Ravenwest duo in cinematic one-on-one races.

GRID, Ravenwest Motorsport

Make no mistake – the Ravenwest team are the bad guys you need to beat.

By GRID Autosport the team had branched out and added more drivers to their roster, but Nathan McKane was still the top dog. Interestingly, players could now earn the right to drive for Ravenwest and all the setup advantages this brought.

Which GRID games has he appeared in?

Nathan McKane first appeared in the GRID franchise way back in 2008’s Race Driver: GRID, a title that also introduced the flashback feature to the series. Handy for when he rammed you off-track.

His second foray in the series came in GRID Autosport in 2014, where Ravenwest became a more permanent fixture in GRID races. This was also the series’ first visit to the Nintendo Switch, but it was the same old Nathan McKane.

McKane also appeared in 2019’s ‘GRID’, where players could unlock the ultimate in ironic achievements. Winning a race in a Ravenwest livery with McKane as your teammate gains you the ‘Ravenbest’ trophy.

GRID 2019, Ravenwest Motorsport, Mazda RX-7

Is he any good?

Oh yes. He is a five-time GRID World Series champion, and he’s aiming to make it six in EA Codemasters’ GRID Legends. He comes with a bit of reputation though and is known for his aggressive driving and win at all costs mentality.

What does Nathan McKane look like?

No one has seen what Nathan McKane looks like throughout the GRID series… until now. For the very first time, McKane’s face and voice will appear in GRID Legends, played by actor Callum McGowan – best known for his role in Jamestown.

With a Goatee beard, slicked-back hair, and an arrogant attitude to all those around him, Nathan McKane is a true Hans Gruber clone, underlining his ‘baddie’ role in the franchise.

GRID Legends Nathan McKane Ravenwest Motorsport

What is Nathan McKane’s role in GRID Legends?

McKane takes one of the lead roles in GRID Legends’ Driven to Glory story mode. He again drives for Ravenwest Motorsport, but this time he’s paired up with Lara Carvalho as a teammate. Rick Scott will be devastated…

Players will battle McKane on track for the Seneca Racing team as ‘Driver 22’ – a nameless, faceless avatar in the mould of Top Gear’s The Stig, with a live-action storyline.

We’ll see how Lara Carvalho fits in as Nathan McKane’s teammate at Ravenwest Motorsport, plus the latter’s fate, when GRID Legends releases on 25th February 2022.

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