What’s the difference between the Logitech G PRO and G923 wheels?

After last week’s review of the Logitech G PRO Wheel & Pedals, the discourse surrounding it both in our YouTube comments and all over the internet was… interesting to say the least.

Many budding buyers weren’t fully convinced by the price of the new hardware, and wanting to stick to the Logitech G ecosystem, turned their attention to the existing G923.

This is why we’ve put them head-to-head in the hope that you, a potential buyer of either product, can make a decision as to which one.

Is around 2Nm of torque not enough for you? Perhaps the G PRO would be the better shout. Don’t have a ton of cash burning a hole in your pocket? Why not choose the G923? Already have a wheel and just need some pedals? Well the G PRO Pedals by themselves might just tickle your fancy!

What the video as we answer the community questions we’ve received about the latest direct drive sim racing wheel to hit the market.

Let us know which you’d rather pick up in the comments!

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