What is a Wally? NHRA: Speed For All’s interesting trophy title

Justin Melillo
Every drag strip in NHRA: Speed For All

If you’re getting into the new NHRA: Speed For All title as a non-NHRA fanatic, you might be wondering, what in the world is a Wally? You’ll hear it from time to time, especially in the career at the start when your crew chief explains the goals to you.

Basically, a Wally is the name for the trophies handed out to each class winner during an event. Named after Wally Parks, the founder of the National Hot Rod Association, a Wally is the highest award given out through a race weekend. It’s the real-world name of the real-world trophy. It’s cool to see the real name included!

The trophy features a man holding a helmet in one hand with the other hand hovering over a tire. It’s the same trophy design as the ones handed out in 1969 and for drag racers, its the main goal when showing up to race on any given weekend.

In NHRA: Speed For All, there are a few achievements involving getting a Wally or two… or 154. Wally’s don’t come in just a straight up race, mind you, they come after winning every round in a knockout elimination-style bracket. Here are those four achievements surrounding the coveted Wally trophy.

  • American Legend: Win a Wally on every single track in Career
  • Simply The Best: Win all the 24 race weekends in a season in career
  • Getting The Job Done: Win 10 race weekends in a season
  • I Don’t Take Breaks, I Break Records: Beat John Force’s record of 154 race weekends in career

To be succeeding in the Career Mode in NHRA: Speed For All, you’ll need to get to a point where you’re taking home a Wally more than not. The career’s Crew Chief says that you can’t win them all, but at some point, I suspect that Wally’s will come fairly easily if you continue through with the playthrough.

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Every drag strip in NHRA: Speed For All

Every drag strip in NHRA: Speed For All

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